Who do we support?

Who do we support?

Charity Foundation BeneKids raises money to invest into the social enterprise Hotel Con Corazón. The organizations builds hotels in developing countries with the aim to invest 100% of their profits into educational development of the community. In 2008, two Dutch guys built the first hotel in Nicaragua and the organization was founded. Hotel con Corazón is now a top tourist accommodation in Granada and more than 500 kids have advanced their education thanks to their educational support programs.

Their next ambition is to conquer the world. Hotel con Corazón aims to open ten more hotels in the next ten years – all based on the same concept: offering an exceptional stay and earning a healthy profit to invest in education.That way, people are able to build their own brighter future.

Some of the educational projects Hotel Con Corazón  supports are:

  • Tutoring classes
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Parental guidance
  • Scholarships

For further information on Hotel con Corazon and their projects please click the following button “More information” below:

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Hotel Con Corazon Granada, Nicaragua

Hotel con Corazón is often called the nicest boutique hotel in the center of Granada in Nicaragua. It has 15 comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, a friendly local staff and according to our guests the best breakfast in the region. An ideal spot to call your home away from home. Granada is the top tourist destination of all visitors to Nicaragua. It is a beautiful historic town with lots of characteristic details, good shopping, plenty of restaurants and places to go out at night.

For more information about Hotel Con Corazon Granada, Nicaragua please click on the “read more” button below:

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Current situation

Unfortunately, due to political unrest, the continuation of this program is very uncertain. Because of the volatile situation, tourists have stopped coming to Nicaragua and the hotel has been empty for months. Without income, they cannot afford to keep paying their staff salaries as usual, let alone finance our educational program. We are sad to announce that the hotel has been temporarily closed until the situation has calmed down again.

To keep their staff employed and keep the educational program running, they kindly ask for your generous support. Your donation can significantly impact the lives of many children in their program as well as the staff members of Hotel con Corazon!

Please click on the “donate” button below to support!

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Brand new hotel in Oaxaca, Mexico

We are very excited to announce that a brand new hotel has been opened in Oaxaca, Mexico! After more than a year of construction, the hotel started to fully operate at the end of June 2018.

Hotel con Corazón Oaxaca is not your average hotel. It is a hotel with a heart, a message and a cause. Hotel con Corazón in Oaxaca is of small scale, offering a personal touch and a high level of coziness while providing excellent service. The hotel offers 14 comfortable rooms and numerous common spaces to relax, work or chat. It’s the perfect place to return to after a long day exploring unforgettable Oaxaca.

Oaxaca has a lot to offer. The city center is a UNESCO heritage site with many colonial churches, beautiful stone streets and interesting museums. Oaxaca’s markets are diverse and colorful, its cuisine world famous. Calendas (musical processions) are the order of the day. Day trips take you to small villages in the valleys where artisans weave rugs and clothes, produce ceramics or paint alebrijes (wooden fantasy figures). Or visit one of the many nearby archaeological sites of the Zapotecs and Mixtecs. Nature lovers will be more than happy with a trip to the nearby mountain range of the Sierra Norte.

For more information about Hotel Con Corazón Oaxaca, Mexico please click on the “read more” button below:

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Next up: Costa Rica, Rincón de la Vieja!

Hotel Con Corazón already made plans for a third hotel in Rincón de la Vieja, Costa Rica. for this project, crowdfunding has started and partnerships have been made with, amongst others, eco-travelers. They are planning to open the hotel in 2020, and have already started fundraising at this point. This will be another comfortable mid- range hotel to invest the profits in education.

In this part of Costa Rica the dropout rate in secondary schools is high. Too few children move on to professional or higher education. For this reason young people from this region are not adequately prepared to work in the expanding tourism industry. We will encourage continuation to secondary schools and higher education. To do this, they will join forces working with local NGO’s and existing education projects.

We are proud to announce that the final amount of Board Scheepbouwer will be invested into this beautiful new hotel! With this, the pretty serious drop out rate of secondary education within the villages of Rincón de la Vieja, should improve.

Would you like to know more about the progress made of the new hotel, please click on the “Read More” button below:

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Our Story

BeneKids is a non-profit organization that raises funds in order to invest in the expansion program of Hotel Con Corazon who invest time, research and capital in improving education throughout the globe, by means of a hospitality establishment. Through organizing events, receiving donations and attracting sponsors, BeneKids does their utmost best to raise as much money as possible every year. Every initiative to extend these channels are welcome! Annual events hold by BeneKids are:
  • Craft Beer Festival
  • Benefit Dinner
  • Dam tot dam loop
We strongly believe that education is not only a ladder to opportunism, it is also an investment into the future.
BeneKids will continuously build upon its strengths and seek for opportunities in order to improve the education amongst less fortunate children. With the international background of the organization, the key to success for the strategic path is to build upon this network and to implement the knowledge and skills throughout the years. Since the money raised by BeneKids is invested in Hotel Con Corazón, we also receive the money back. The aim within the next 15 years is to start our own program with the money collected back in order to further develop education within developing countries.
Foundation BeneKids is run completely by students for students. The board of the organization consists of four students of Hotelschool The Hague in Amsterdam, who voluntarily and passionately dedicate their free time to this important cause. The board consists of a Chairman/Chairwoman, Treasurer, PR Commissioner and the Director of Gracias BV. Apart from the board, the organization has yearly ambassadors who together with the Board Members organize the events every year and support the promotion of the charity. On the bottom of this page, you can find an overview of pictures of most of the ambassadors of board year 2019-2020. Please meet the team!






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