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Newsletter December

Newsletter December

Wauw, what a year. It is time for us to say goodbye. 12 months ago, we as Board Reddingius, took over the position of the former board of School of Life; Board Elion.

Taking over this position as four fresh individuals was not easy.

As all boards do, we set goals for 2017. Our first goal was to make School of Life even more known and appreciated within Hotelschool The Hague. The second was to raise at least an amount of €15.000, -.

One year, 1000 meetings and five successful events further, we gained a lot of experience, we have faced ups and downs but finally, have accomplished something beautiful. Not only is School of Life more well-known within the Hotelschool (Amsterdam), we also raised an amount of €25.000, –

We are honoured to give this large amount as a loan to our partner, Hotel con Corazón, for their project with building a new hotel in Mexico. The hotel is expected to be finished in Dec 2019 where after, 75% of their profit will go to the support of education in neighbouring villages.

On the 5th of December, we had our annual board change together with friends and family at Le Debut. This evening was filled with anecdotes, videos, and speeches. Grateful for all the moments we have spent together.

We are going out with a bang! When life gives you lemons make lemonade, life gave us School of Life and we made €25.000 euros.

Once again we would like to thank you for all your support and we wish all the best luck to Board Scheepbouwer. Want to look back at a great year? Please click here in order to read the School of Life annual report


Maud Reddingius, Puck Rozendaal, Barth Blankemeijer and Maaike Vissers

Newsletter November 2017

Newsletter November 2017

Dear All,

It is getting colder and colder outside, but when we think back at the Craft Beer Festival our hearts get warmer. Last month Charity Foundation School of Life organized the Craft Beer Festival at Het Sieraad in Amsterdam. The festival started off at 3 ‘o clock, where lots of visitors joined us for some amazing craft beers from Gebrouwen door Vrouwen, Poesiat & Kater and Oedipus. Meau Hewitt started off with a very special performance behind the piano who left us all speechless, what a voice! Nicolas Kanza created a nice atmosphere and afterward, Huub set the mood with his trumpet, if you have any interest in buying a CD from Huub please contact us! A lot of people were lucky to win some prizes from the lottery, such as a massage at Het Massage Huys, dinner at The Salsa Shop or one of the cool Heineken packages. But besides drinks, music, Mexican food was present as well. Our own GastroCie provided us with some spicy nacho’s, tasty burgers and lovely chicken sandwiches. Tzigane Swing ended the evening with Alex the DJ, which was a spectacular ending to a successful second Craft Beer Festival.

Special thanks to our ambassadors: Emma de Witt, Danielle Kotter, Nick de Leeuw, Mylou Muller, Jessie de Ruiter and of course our one and only treasurer Barth Blankenmeijer. These heroes have put their heart and soul in arranging the second edition of The Craft Beer Festival and raised a total amount of: €6.410,- You guys rock!


Dam tot Damloop

Furthermore, we take you 2 months back to The Dam tot Dam loop, but we still haven’t forgotten about this mindblowing event. Daan Klein and Merijn Kok took the lead and ran the 16KM within one hour and 20 minutes, good job boys! Karlijn Lindeman, a true power woman raised a total amount of €350, – Euros. But the true heroes of this event are of course Puck Weijerman, Anne-Elisa Bins, and Maud Reddingius because with the help of our runners and loyal School of Life supporters they raised a total amount of €7710,– Euros.

New board

December is on its way and our board year is coming to an end, it was an amazing year. However, all good things come to an end and therefore we are very proud to present the new board of Charity Foundation School of Life: Board Scheepbouwer. Spike Scheepbouwer will take the lead as the brand new chairman, Iris Meijerhof is going to make sure that you will stay up to date as the new PR Commissioner. The upcoming year will be a new year with lots of events, with Danielle Kotter as the new Event Commissioner! But what is a charity without its money, Lausanne Bos the new treasurer will make sure this can’t go wrong and our numbers will always be up to date.

Exciting news from Nicaragua & Oaxaca!

Near the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Costa Rica, Riksja travel and Hotel con Corazon are collaborating to build a new Riksja travel Hotel Con Corazon. Not just a hotel, but one with a heart. The profits that will be made are invested in education projects that ensure that children finish their school. In total, they need € 750.000, – for the purchase of a piece of land and the construction of the hotel. In addition to some major investors, Riksja Travel itself finances € 50,000, -. They want to pick up € 250,000, – with their travelers so that they can make the world a bit more beautiful and travelers can transform their sustainable ideal into an act.

The construction in Mexico is running smoothly and the team is busy with all kinds of preparations!
Besides that, the foundation has been laid and more walls are shooting up. The hotel is starting to take shape! The construction workers are working hard and we are starting to see some serious progress.

What do you think? Can you already picture yourself staying in one of the beautiful rooms? Or enjoy a cup of coffee in our garden? We certainly cannot wait

Newsletter September 2017

Newsletter September 2017

Dear all,
Some exciting activity is happening this weekend! On Sunday we will gather with all our athletes at Nemo Amsterdam to run the Dam tot Damloop. Our race of 16km will start off in Amsterdam and we hope to finish together with you! We have already raised a wonderful amount of money. However, do you still want to support us? This can be done very easily via;
Time flies when you are having fun and yes we did have some fun. However, all good things come to an end and so does our year as Board Reddingius, therefore we are looking for 4 amazing new people who would like to become the new board of Charity Foundation School of Life.
So do you have a heart for charity and are you willing to raise money for education in third world countries? Are you able to do this in a creative and professional way? Than you might be the person School of Life is looking for! Send your motivation letter to, and maybe you will be the next person to make a change in the world!
All members of Comitas are able to send their motivation until the 18th of September.
In the meantime, our hero’s Jessie de Ruijter, Mylou Muller, Barth Blankenmeijer, Nick de Leeuw, Danielle Kotter & Emma de Wit are busy preparing one of the most exciting SOL events of the year; The Craft Beerfestival. This year’s Craft Beer Festival is going to be held at the popular festival/events location – Het Sieraad, the homebase for EDEL events. Where we will serve amazing beers from Oedipus, Gebrouwen door Vrouwen and Poesiat & Kater doesn’t that sound great? Enjoying an ice cold beer and supporting charity at the same time! So be fast and buy your early bird ticket because they are running fast!


Newsletter August 2017

Newsletter August 2017

Dear Vacationers,

Enjoying your holiday? Last week School of Life went on a four day SOLiday to the sunny south of the Netherlands. Due to the sun and fun new plans arose for the upcoming school year. We are very excited for our last few months as the board Reddingius 2016/2017.







Only 5 weeks left until 70 amazing people are going to run the dam tot dam loop for School of life!

Want to be part of this event but don’t feel like running? Support them on the side line the 17th of September.

Our champions will run 16 km from Amsterdam to Zaandam, so there are plenty of opportunities and spots to enjoy the sun, a nice beverage and in the meantime, motivate the runners. Together we finish to support education!

While you’re still enjoying your summer cocktails, School of Life already thinks about making the darker days of October brighter. Therefore, after the big success of last year, The Craft Beer festival is coming back to town. On the 8th of October, Edel will be the place to be in Amsterdam, at 15:00 ‘o clock the doors open for tasty craft beers, good food & lot’s of music. You don’t want to miss out on this, so Buy your ticket here

If you’re an early bird your ticket only costs 10,- ! So don’t wait too long with buying your ticket!






While the sun in Mexico is always shining and the temperatures are rising, the dream team is busy building the hotel. A team of 15 construction workers on site. They work six days a week from 8 am to 6 pm, no matter the weather circumstances. It might be freaking hot, it might be pouring down with rain, but they keep going. These guys come from (sometimes remote) communities in the state of Oaxaca, and even Chiapas.  Often they are from the same village, and might even be family (find members of the same family in this photo!)

But what’s a hotel with a heart without the right colours? Last week hotel Con Corazon visited a Mexican mosaic factory, where each and every piece is handmade, and it looks amazing. Because the tiles are made of cement they don’t need to be baked in an oven but they just dry in the open air. That makes the process relatively fast.

You can literally pick any design and colour you want. In fact, you can even have your own design made.

From the first week of September on, we are going to put the application online for a new board! Are you motivated to do someting for charity, work in a team, organise events and combine everything with school? You can send your motivation to from the 28th of August.

The functions you can apply for are the following and will differ from last year:

  • Chair(wo)man
  • PR Commissioner
  • Event Commissioner
  • Treasurer

Will you become our new board of 2017/2018?

Dam tot Damloop 2017

The 17th of September 2017, School of Life participated in the Dam tot Damloop with 70 participants. Since the beginning of March we have started preparing with a team of dedicated people for this race. With the support of several bootcamp and running clubs we have become closer towards our goal of 16 kilometers!

This event is not only about reaching that finish line but also supports School of Life. Therefore, each candidate has launched its own Pifworld page. On this page the possibility is created to donate money that will be raised for education in Oaxaca, Mexico.

We started off this day at 09:00 o’clock at NEMO Amsterdam, where we gathered together. After receiving our School of Life t-shirts, support by Lucia Marthas, DPS and Comitas, we took off to the start. Adrenaline was kicking in and we have never been so ready to hit that 16km.

2 hours later, everyone exhausted, but satisfied we cheered together with a glass of beer. Evaluating the last few hours gathered all around the Charity stand was a great closing of this long long training.
And not to be forgotten; during this race we have raised an amount of €9028!! We have never been so proud!

We would like to thank all of you who supported us during our preparations and during the race! We couldn’t have done it without you. See you next year?!

Newsletter July 2017

Newsletter July 2017

Dear everyone,

The 11th of June, SOL had its first edition of SOL Sensation at WattWorks, Amsterdam. 3 rounds, 45 participants, sweat, competition and spinning were commonplace.

School of Life would like to thank everyone who participated during this event.

The day started off early, preparing all food & beverages for the participants who were about to burn a lot of calories. Around 11.30 the first spinners arrived at the location and were excited to jump on their bicycles. At exactly 12 o’clock we were off on our way to the top of the Mont Ventoux with the professional guidance of trainers Loek and Sander. After 50 minutes of an intensive work-out, the exhausted and red faces were entering our green room. Where hydrating drinks and delicious food was waiting.

We spent the day with repeating our work out for 3 hours, with each hour new participants. Even though, everyone cycled individually the team spirit was there as we all had the same goal, raising awareness and money for School of Life. A successful sports event with your support! The photos are available on our Facebook.


However, we have more news to share with you! The floor plan for the new hotel in Mexico, Oaxaca is out.

On the street side, there is a room that will serve as a shop, where tours, local products and rent bicycles will be sold. You will enter the hotel through a big gate next to the shop. While walking down the stairs to the premises that are situated some 4 meters lower you will enter our ‘oasis’.

The long stretch that connects the two buildings, left and right, and that serves as the reception area and common space, has glass doors on both sides that will be open during the day. It connects the two gardens in the front and the back, where we will create spaces for tourists to relax, work or chat.

The hotel has three floors with 14 rooms in total. The upper floor will have a large terrace on one side. More details will be shown soon!

GET EXCITED, because our second edition of the Craft Beer Festival will become reality. In October, you will get the chance to enjoy craft beers, a good greasy burger and great music. Ticket sale will start after summer break.

Last but not least, the Student Association S.A. Comitas, where School of Life originates from will celebrate its third Luster this year. Taking place at the end of November filled with surprising and stunning events. With the support of the Luster Committee, the 26th of November Chique day will become a benefit event, where all money raised will go to School Of Life. An event to dress and impress.


Enjoy your summer holidays!

Newsletter June 2017

Newsletter June 2017

Dear all,

Mexican Night
As May has come to an end and the temperature starts to rise in our little country, we know, yes summer is around the corner! Last week, Comitas and School of Life organised a SOL soos night, which turned out in a huge success! Tequila was flowing, piñatas were up in the air and Mexican outfits were on fleek, a special shout out to Darcy and Jip with their smashing outfits. A big thanks to you all guys for making it such a success

Did you already book your ticket to Ibiza or Saint Tropez, but enjoyed too much beer last year? Well then this is your chance to get that body summer proof and help the kids in Nicaragua.

SOL Sensation
Next week, the 11th of June, School of Life is organizing its first indoor cycle marathon at WattWorks Amsterdam.

We have every hour 18 bicycles available to spin for charity and for only 15 euros per person you can team up and together cycle for 1 hour. This means you can signup at your preferable time slot (from 13:00-17:00) to join us during an indoor spin training given by professional instructors.

Of course, we want you to get in shape but not starve and therefore we arranged drinks, food and a lot of music and fun. Our main sponsor this day will be Marqt, who will provide you with their organic food and drinks!

You can bet on your favourite spinner which enables you to win some prices. All for a good cause, School of Life. The entire profit of the event will go to School of Life, that will help a child get education in Third World Countries. School of Life is currently focusing on two villages in Mexico and Nicaragua.

Don’t like cycling? Ushuaia doesn’t like fat people! So team up and let’s cycle to get a kid education! Visit and make a change, because only together we can do it.

Dam tot Damloop
The team for the Dam tot Dam loop 2017, is getting in shape! Thanks to bootcamp Vondel, bootcamp Open Air and running Holland, the month May was a very sportive month, with a lot of planking & squads. Interested in professional running training? Running Holland is providing 13 trainings during June, July and August to get you ready for that 16 km, contact the Dam tot Dam ambassadors for more information.



While we think the Netherlands is hot, Mexico is even hotter! But don’t worry we are happy to announce that Hotel con Corazon just bought water saving showerheads, taps and toilets for the hotel! In Oaxaca, the mu
nicipality provides tap water only once a week, or once every two weeks. This means that you need to store that water in your cisterna, an on-site reservoir. The bigger your cisterna, the more water supply you have. Houses usually have one of 5,000 liters, hotels 20,000 to 120,000 (!) liters.