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Dear BeneKids enthusiasts,

We present to you the newsletter of September and October 2019. This month, we found the Board of 2020, had another P.A.T.E. event and ran the 16km long Dam tot Damloop! Here you can read all the highlights of the month and money we raised! Have fun reading 🙂


Dam tot Damloop 2019

We did it again! The 2019 Dam tot Damloop was hosted in Amsterdam this year on the 22ndof September. The Dam tot Damloop is a run from Amsterdam city centre to Zaandam. Many supporters and bands were alongside the road with gave such a motivation boost for the runners. Together with an amazing team of C.F. BeneKids ambassadors we managed to raise €3082 for charity! We are so happy with this result and the motivation of our runners and sponsors. Thank you so much!!

More pictures of this day can be found on our FaceBook page.

New board search and announcement!

After we posted the search announcement for the new board of C.F. BeneKids, we were very happy with the applications that came in. After some interviews and getting to know everyone we are more than proud to announce the new board of C.F. BeneKids for 2020,


The new board exists of Timo Schaafsma, Sophia Hoek, Ika Wondergem and Priscille Nguyen Tu. The board will start directly after the Board Change dinner, scheduled at 26h of November. Beforehand, the upcoming board and the current board will go on a board change weekend to train the new board for the upcoming year.

P.A.T.E. EVENT Beer for charity

Due to the weather forecasts, the Boat for Charity event changed to a La Cave Beer for Charity event. We invited Onno from Hotel Con Corazon to speak during the event. He spoke to the guests about plans of Hotel Con Corazon and some more general explanation about the social impact of the organization. Also, we (the board of BeneKids), explained the guests more about our events and general information.


We also organized a lottery with amazing prizes sponsored by Spaghetteria, Het Rijksmuseum and many more. Together with the sales of lottery tickets and sales of our very own Gracias Cerveza, we managed to raise €395,61 for BeneKids! We are very proud and thankful to all supporters and the P.A.T.E. team who organized this event.

Upcoming events: HTH 90


The last event of Board 2019 is coming up. On Friday the 15thof November, the 90thanniversary of Hotelschool The Hague will be celebrated in the Foodhallen in The Hague. We will sell our beers Gracias Cerveza and hope to raise more money for education in Central America. We hope to meet you there or in the near future!


Kindest regards,

C.F. BeneKids Board 2019



Dearest readers,

What an amazing summer it has been! We will capture all events and important information regarding BeneKids in this newsletter. But firstly, we would like to start with an important message we have for you:

“Dear members of S.A Comitas,  

Since November last year I had the privilege of being chairman of the Charity Foundation BeneKids. During this time I enjoyed all the steps we made; for example expanding our beer brand Gracias with three new flavors and implementing Benekids within the MO course. Besides the great steps we made, it was a pleasure to meet lots of people who had a big influence on BeneKids.

Being part of the BeneKids team was a great honor, unfortunately all good things come to an end. As of today I will resign from my function as chairman. I cannot combine it with my work anymore. I would like to thank all the members of S.A Comitas for their input towards BeneKids in the last year and I hope that you will continue this input.

Yours sincerely,

Wessel Kuijer

Former Chairman C.F BeneKids”

However, this will not stop the current board from continuing their mission to raise as much money for charity as possible!



WOW! We would like to thank everyone for attending the PATE & Gracias Cerveza event past June at Hopp Amsterdam with Vån Soundsystem! It was a great success. We raised a total of €575,20. Thank you all for attending and hopefully until next time! Are you also interested in choosing BeneKids for your PATE project or event? Please contact us on

BBQ Electronik


Thanks to GastroCie Cubedo and Atelier Schinkel we had the most fun BBQ Electronik event last month. All the money earned from the BBQ goes directly to C.F. BeneKids. At the event of S.A. Comitas we met more new students from August stream at HTH and many others. Thank you all for the fun night!

Dam tot Damloop 2019

We still have some spots left in our team to run this years’ beloved Dam tot Damloop. The 16km run from Amsterdam and Zaandam will take place on September 22nd. Are you interested in joining our team and running for charity with us? Let us know via email to


As you may have noticed, C.F. BeneKids Board 2019 went to visit Hotel Con Corazon in Oaxaca last summer. We will post a report about our trip on the website so stay tuned!

Thank you all for reading this newsletter, we look forward to these last few months of our Board year. We can use all of your support for C.F. BeneKids to show the youth in Central America how much we support them and their education!

Kind regards,


C.F. BeneKids Board 2019



Dear Newsletter readers!

We present to you the newsletter of C.F. BeneKids of the month May 2019.  We have some exciting announcements for you and the review of certain events.


During the AFICAG we received several prizes from sororities and fraternities from S.A. Comitas, which we gave away during a lottery in the Soos. The lottery tickets were €2 per ticket and in total we raised €700! The night was super fun and successful! Thank you everyone who bought a ticket and raised this amount of money with us!


Due to low ticket sale and the lack of guarantee of a valuable outcome, the Benefit Dinner on the 13th of June was canceled. We are very eager to organize an event that will generate the most money for charity and the dinner could not promise this. However, we are preparing ourselves for new events to enjoy while raising money for charity, like the Rooftop party on the past 19th of June! Stay tuned on our website, Facebook & Instagram page and our beer for Charity Gracias!


The course MO at Hotelschool The Hague includes the assignment of PATE. Where students organize an event or other to raise money for a charity by choice. This block, a team chose our Charity Foundation to raise money for! They organized an amazing event on a Rooftop in Amsterdam. Stay tuned on the Newsletter June for the full review! 🙂


We still have some spots available for the Dam tot Damloop 2019 with our C.F. BeneKids team. We will run for education with motivated runners to raise money and work on our summer body! Still interested in joining our team? Get your ticket fast! Send an email to!


We received another update from Hotel Con Corazon in Oaxaca, Mexico! We are also very proud to announce that Board Kuijer will be visiting the hotel as well. We will update you all during our visit there about who we meet and what we experience.

Update: The youth for scholarships will get a class every Saturday in the Oaxaca Learning Center on how to use their scholarship. They will receive coaching in how they should study as well. After summer, the English classes, coaching and tutoring will begin.  The English classes in the hotel for the staff are every Wednesday. In Julu, the interns will start with for example front office and kitchen activities to improve their kitchen skills and learn in the hotel.

We are very much looking forward to visit Hotel Con Corazon Oaxaca this summer and update you on their activities.

Thank you for reading the newsletter of May 2019. In the next newsletter we will review the PATE event and much more! Until next month!


Kind regards,

Board Kuijer




Hola to our dear supporters! We present you the newsletter of April 2019 where we discuss Gracias, Benefit Dinner, Dam tot Damloop and a new update from Mexico. Have fun reading 🙂


The Gracias beer brand is expanding by 300%! Next to the Saison Blond that Board Scheepbouwer introduced last year, we are adding a Smokey Blond, Triple and White beer. The traditional logo and information is kept the same so we present a real assortiment of our own beer for charity.  Soon, the beers will be available to taste with all your friends and family. Stay updated on the social media platforms of Gracias for more information!

Benefit Dinner

The planned annual Benefit Dinner on the 7thof May 2019 got rescheduled. The new date of the event is on the 13thof June at Hotelschool The Hague Campus Amsterdam.

The evening will be in the theme of “Los días de los niños”. We will be serving a 3 course dinner of Mexican and South American food!

The evening will be filled with music, entertainment and good conversations! An evening with memories that will last forever for just €19,95 per person. If you book a table for 8 persons, the ticket price per person will be €17,95!

Invite your friends / family / roommate / yearclub / colleagues and others to join to make it an unforgettable night!
Find the link below for the tikets. If you select 8 in one purchase the tickets will be discounted immediately.

Update Oaxaca

At Hotel con Corazon in Oaxaca (Mexico) the organized cooking classes have started. Every Thursday, they present a new menu from different regions in Oaxaca. Also, the search for children regarding scholarships and internship programs has started. The selection will start very soon. They also started with English language classes for the staff once a week. The whole staff went on a teambuilding day to play games, ziplining, eat and talk with each other. Find the link below for more information on their cooking classes! We are proud to share these developments of Hotel Con Corazon.

Dam tot Damloop

The ticketsale for Dam tot Damloop 2019 is still open. We are looking for motivated runners to join us in the race to raise as much money possible for our charity supporting children’s education.


We will update again next month. For more regular news and updates please visit our social media accounts!


Kind regards,

Board Kuijer



Dear Supporters.

C.F. BeneKids is back with a brand new newsletter reviewing the month of March 2019. Stay updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages to follow us more closely!


Hopefully everyone enjoyed this sunny Easter together with family and friends. Our thoughts however also go out to everyone in Sri Lanka after the tragedy of the past days.

Hotel Con Corazon

We received a very exciting update from former Board member of C.F. BeneKids Danielle Kotter! She is currently in Oaxaca for her internship at Hotel Con Corazon.

“With low season coming closer, the occupancy of the hotel was 83% this month. Hotel con Corazon has started a new bar concept where it is now possible to order cocktails and snacks in the afternoon / evening. The hotel has also started with weekly cooking classes hosted by the head chef for groups from travel agencies. These groups learn how to make local dishes such as salsa, tortillas and guacamole”.


“As the hotel is fairly new, the educational programs are still under construction to ensure quality and effectiveness. The proposal for the educational programs will be finalized in April 2019. Therefore, the team is working hard to be able to start with english classes and internships in the hotel next month. On the 7th of March the hotel hosted 42 students who are studying hospitality. They had workshops and a tour around the building and facilities to become familiarized with the way a hotel runs their business and become inspired to create a social enterprise themselves”.

Dam tot Dam loop 2019

There are still spots available! On the 22nd of September we will meet again to run the Dam Tot Damloop in order to raise money for C.F. BeneKids.

During the Dam tot Damloop we value your enthusiasm and passion to raise money and run the 16k with us! The ticket price is €38,50 which is a discounted price from €50! The link you can find on our Facebook page of the event.

You get your discounted price and in exchange you raise us a minimum of only €115 for charity! Easy as that, you can create a PifWorld and link to the page of BeneKids Dam tot Damloop 2019.

If you are not able to contact us in person to buy your ticket or ask your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on!

We are looking forward to running with you and be sportive for charity!

Let’s work for that summer body!


On the 9thof May, our annual Benefit Dinner will take place. You can expect live music, delicious food and a fun atmosphere! More information will follow, please stay updated on our social media platforms for the ticket sale and special announcements regarding the event.


Kind regards,

Board Kuijer



Dear Supporters,

We are back again with the C.F. BeneKids newsletter about February 2019. It was a busy but super fun month for us, of which we will give you a recap now!

New Student Arrival

Like every year, new students arrive in February at Hotelschool The Hague. C.F. BeneKids was present during the arrival to present our Board and charity. We gave a presentation and informed all new students about what we do and how they can reach us with questions or creative ideas to support our mission. We added a flyer with all information in the goodiebag for the students to read. If you are a new student and interested in supporting charity, please contact us!

Valentine’s Day Roses

14 of February – Valentine’s day! We sold roses in school during lunch break and let everyone write a note to their (secret) lover. At 00:00 exactly we started handing out the roses. We turned the soos into a romantic scene and enjoyed playing cupid. With this, we raised €112!

Annual Meeting

During the annual meeting, Board Kuijer presented the ideas for the upcoming year to the advisory board. We hosted this meeting at Escobar for he informal atmosphere but with a good place to host our meeting. Thank you all for joining and letting us host our meeting!


We are also very proud to announce that we formed our team of Ambassadors! On the picture above a part of the team is presented! We will raise as much money as possible for our unique charity together with these motivated and enthusiastic students. We are very much looking forward to our events.

We will be back next month with another update! For questions and inquiries please contact us via email

Kind regards,

Board Kuijer

P.s. Thank you Douglas Favero for the pictures! Have a look on our Instagram or Facebook page for more pictures of Hotel Con Corazon!




Dearest supporters!

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2019. What a successful year 2018 has been. A new year brings new opportunities, challenges and memories. Let’s take the time to review past January for C.F. BeneKids.

Floridus donation

Firstly, we would like to thank the first year members of sorority Floridus Aurum. They raised 680 euros for charity! We are very thankful for their dedication and energy to raise money for BeneKids.

Ambassadors Wanted!

During the S.A. Comitas GMM we stated that we are looking for motivated and dedicated ambassadors for the upcoming year. With help of ambassadors, BeneKids can organize events even better. Do you have a heart for charity and ideas to raise even more money for BeneKids? Please send a small motivation and introduction (150 words) to our email address:! We are looking forward to your application and meeting you!

Board Change and fines Comitas

Past month, S.A. Comitas Board de Jongh finished their Board year. Now, it is up to Board Bon. We are looking forward to working together this year and achieve great things for charity. During the GMM past month, S.A. Comitas announced that the fines collected in the soos will be donated to C.F. BeneKids. With this money, we can support even more children by receiving the education they deserve!

Hotel con Corazon Update

Hotel Con Corazon Mexico had a piece in a local newspaper telling their story. The hotel they currently have there is located in Oaxaca. Make sure to visit their Facebook to stay updated as well.

Coming up: New student arrival & Annual meeting

As for the month of February, Hotelschool The Hague receives new students. These students will receive information and a presentation about our charity. Hopefully we can count on their support as well! Also, the Annual Meeting is coming up. All ideas of Board Kuijer will be presented I order to finalize the year plan.

Thank you for reading and we’ll update next month again! For more questions or information do not hesitate to visit our website or email us on!



Dear supporters,

Presenting the last month and thereby last newsletter of 2018. Best wishes for the new year everyone! Hopefully 2019 will be very successful. In 2018 C.F. BeneKids organized events such as Dam tot Dam, Craft Beer Festival and the Benefit Dinner. Also, the Hoscars took place in December 2018.

On the 11thof December the Hoscars of Student Council Amsterdam took place at La Mangerie at Hotelschool The Hague campus Amsterdam. The night was filled with games and awards for teachers. During the night, our Gracias Beer was served and money was raised for our charity. Thanks to all guests and Student Council, we reached the final amount of 274 euros. We are already looking forward to next year’s Hoscars!


WINNER GRACIAS! Last week we posted a question on the Gracias Facebook. As promised we will announce the winner today. The amount of Gracias bottles sold in 2018 is 2398. Therefore, our winner is Aaron Auping! Congratulations on winning a six pack of Gracias.


Hotel Con Corazon is in the development process of building a third hotel in Costa Rica. They aspire to grow a lot within the upcoming years. We as C.F. BeneKids support Hotel Con Corazon and will continue this mission in 2019. Please see:

On behalf of BeneKids we wish you all health and success for 2019. Let’s work together to support charity this year and help Hotel Con Corazon grow!

Kind regards,

Board Kuijer



Dear supporters!

Now presenting, the first Newsletter of Board Kuijer! Last November we had the official change from Board Scheepbouwer to Board Kuijer. The Board Change Diner took place at Plan West, with a lot of family, friends and ambassadors. We are very thankful for the speeches and energy from all guests. Thank you Aaron Auping for the amazing pictures!

Also, we would like to congratulate Board Scheepbouwer for raising the amount of €21.000 the past year! This amount of money will be invested in Hotel Con Corazon, to support them with their project in Costa Rica.

The goal of Board Kuijer for the upcoming year is to increase awareness for BeneKids. We want to follow the previous boards in terms of passion, dedication and professionalism. We are dedicated to raise as much money possible by hosting events during the year.

Proudly presenting:

Wessel Kuijer – Chairman

Babette de Leeuw – Treasurer

Jip Hanemaaijer – Director of Gracias B.V.

Pien Gillhaus – PR Commissioner

Please find more information about us under the header ‘About us’ on our website!

After weeks of preparation, we are very proud and confident to continue the growth of this important charity! 

Benekids Newsletter September

Benekids Newsletter September


Dam 2 Dam!

The Dam 2 Dam run was a great success for BeneKids! We are incredibly proud of the accomplishment of all our runners! Our runners managed to raise an incredible amount of €9.514,08! If you’d like to see the complete budgetsheets, please send us an email. Find the winners of the competition below!

Fastest Male: Floris van Raaijen

Fastest Female: Noor van der Poel

Most Money Raised: Rhea Ruben/Janneke Maas.

Congrats to all the winners!

Craft Beer Festival

The Craft Beer Festival is this week! Our ambassadors have been working day and night to create the best possible event for you all. Come to Atelier on Sunday the 7th and enjoy the best beers in Amsterdam with us!


Board Change Incoming!

Board Scheepbouwer has been evaluating their year so far for the past month, and trying to create the best possible team for the next year of BeneKids.



Nicaragua Situation

Recently, BeneKids was contacted by Hotel Con Corazon. The Granada hotel is sadly still struggling with the political situation of the country. They requested our help.

As BeneKids, we are donating a percentage of the profits of the craft beer festival to Hotel Con Corazon in Nicaragua. The percentage will be treated as a donation, and will therefore not be returned to BeneKids in the 15 year plan.


The person of the month September is Christiaan!

Christaan was the photographer of the Dam2Dam for BeneKids,

and the photographer of the Craft Beer Festival as well.

Normally he puts our supporters in the spotlight, but today, we put him in the spotlight!

Christiaan, your Dam2Dam pictures were amazing, thanks for getting into the rain for us.

We’re already excited about the pictures from Craft Beer Festival!