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BeneKids Newsletter April
Nicaragua journey:
This month board Scheepbouwer has visited Nicaragua in Central Amerika. When arriving the 20th of April in the capital Managua, the board had been told to watch out for potential protests against the government of Nicaragua. A new law had been brought in by the President, Daniel Ortega and many inhabitants of Nicaragua did not agree with this new law. After this information given, board Scheepbouwer decided to change plans for the next two days due to the protest. The kids who are provided with education by Hotel Con Corazon were not going to school. A couple of days later, the protest were over and board Scheepbouwer arrived in Granada at the beautiful Hotel Con Corazon.
The next couple of days at the hotel, board Scheepbouwer got to experience the working atmosphere at Hotel Con Corazon and got to meet the teachers that provide the kids with tutoring at the schools in Nicaragua. Board Scheepbouwer was impressed by the environment and platform of Hotel Con Corazon and their beautifull premises. The tutors have their own office at the hotel and prepare their classes there aswell as meet with the scholarship children for additional assistance. Furthermore, board Scheepbouwer visited a couple of families and got to know more about their experience with the charity. In addition, we got to visit the school, watch a couple of classes and play some games with the kids.
The board had many interviews with tutors, employees and students themselves to see what impact education has had on their lives in many different ways.
We would like to thank the tutors and employees of Hotel Con Corazon for making this all possible. It has truelly been a inspiring, fun and beautiful journey to remember for board Scheepbouwer.
Dam to Dam run 2018 update:
The time has come to start preparing ourselves for Dam to Dam loop! BeneKids ambassadors have organised the best training and informative sessions every Monday of the block to ensure you survive the 16km run!!
The first training session will be on Monday week 2 with Nathaniel Asamoah, who will ensure that we train every muscle of our body and get to know different techniques that will help on the day of the run! Spots for this bootcamp are limited so sign up as fast as possible at the facebook page to reserve a spot.
Gracias Cerveza:
As of May 20th, C.F BeneKids will have their own craft beer. This beer will be available in several bars around Amsterdam. It is a light, fruity beer brewed at the Noord-Hollandse Bierbrouwerij in Uitgeest. We are super excited and cannot wait until the release of this amazing project. We will keep you posted on when en where you can try it yourself!
Hotel Con Corazon in Mexico update:
An update from Mexico. Not about the construction progress , but about life in the aftermath of three big earthquakes in two weeks. luckily enough Oaxaca has not suffered major damages. however, it is tragic to see the damages surrounding Oaxaca. Hotel Con Corazon is trying to help out as much as possible as are many people from the surrounding villages. Despite everything that happend, Hotel Con Corazon keeps focusing on building the hotel and hopefully will be able to open soon.
Kind regards,
Board Scheepbouwer

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