What’s new in Benekids? 

New year, New Board! Time to officially say bye to board 2019.

A big applause for these 3 amazing girls, Pien, Jip and Babette, who, after one year of dedication, raised an amount of:

€12. 000, 00

Where will this donation go? To Hotel con Corazon

On the 26th of November the official board change dinner happened. Friends, family, previous board members and the founders of Hotel con Corazon gathered to celebrate the achievement s of Pien Jip and Babette, and  wish board Shaafsma the best of luck in the coming year!!!!
Filled with speeches, videos and great Mexican food, it was a fantastic and inspiring evening.



“Dear Benekids supporters,

The time has come to pass on our responsibility to Board Schaafsma. Therefore, some final words from our side.

It was our pleasure to lead this amazing charity foundation. A year full of inspiration, valuable learning experiences and of course the highlight of raising €12.000 for Hotel Con Corazon. However this could not have been possible without the support of Hotelschool students, SA. Comitas members and all other supporters. We are proud to say that we have been able to expand our own beer brand with 3 beautiful flavors. Please keep drinking them! Also, we have build a solid collaboration with PATE, part of the MO course and hope to see this growing even more in the upcoming years.

Last week Tuesday we have said goodbye with great honor and some tears but we feel more than confident to pass our “baby” on to Timo, Ika, Sophia and Priscille. We believe in them and we hope you all will support them the best you can during the upcoming board year!

Once again thank you for your support.

Board 2019 out.

Pien, Jip and Babette”



Together with the help of the student council €334 was raised during the famous HOSCARS Thanks to everyone who bought the charity tickets, drank our gracias beer or requested songs on the jukebox, your donation is a great start, and we can’t wait for the next events!! Thank you all!


Stay tuned because this year we, board Schaafsma, are full of creativity, have crazy ideas, and more importantly, are so motivated to raise a record amount of money for Hotel Con Corazon together with you!

Kindest regards,

C.F. BeneKids Board Schaafsma

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