Dearest supporters!

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2019. What a successful year 2018 has been. A new year brings new opportunities, challenges and memories. Let’s take the time to review past January for C.F. BeneKids.

Floridus donation

Firstly, we would like to thank the first year members of sorority Floridus Aurum. They raised 680 euros for charity! We are very thankful for their dedication and energy to raise money for BeneKids.

Ambassadors Wanted!

During the S.A. Comitas GMM we stated that we are looking for motivated and dedicated ambassadors for the upcoming year. With help of ambassadors, BeneKids can organize events even better. Do you have a heart for charity and ideas to raise even more money for BeneKids? Please send a small motivation and introduction (150 words) to our email address: [email protected]! We are looking forward to your application and meeting you!

Board Change and fines Comitas

Past month, S.A. Comitas Board de Jongh finished their Board year. Now, it is up to Board Bon. We are looking forward to working together this year and achieve great things for charity. During the GMM past month, S.A. Comitas announced that the fines collected in the soos will be donated to C.F. BeneKids. With this money, we can support even more children by receiving the education they deserve!

Hotel con Corazon Update

Hotel Con Corazon Mexico had a piece in a local newspaper telling their story. The hotel they currently have there is located in Oaxaca. Make sure to visit their Facebook to stay updated as well.

Coming up: New student arrival & Annual meeting

As for the month of February, Hotelschool The Hague receives new students. These students will receive information and a presentation about our charity. Hopefully we can count on their support as well! Also, the Annual Meeting is coming up. All ideas of Board Kuijer will be presented I order to finalize the year plan.

Thank you for reading and we’ll update next month again! For more questions or information do not hesitate to visit our website or email us on [email protected]!

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