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BeneKids Newsletter June
In the coming newsletter, we will be giving you a progress update and a review of what BeneKids has been doing in the first 6 months of Board Scheepbouwer. Enjoy!

Board Change Dinner

On the 5th of December, BeneKids had its board change dinner and the charity foundation was officially handed over from Board Reddingius to Board Scheepbouwer.



The first event Board Scheepbouwer attended was Hoscars. A benefit dinner that honors teachers of Hotelschool The Hague.

An amazing amount of €600 was raised for BeneKids as a result.

Thank you very much Student Council Amsterdam for your wonderful effort!


Valentines Day

On the 14th of February, BeneKids shared the love with the members of Comitas. Roses were handed out at the Soos

Board Scheepbouwer was incredibly surprised by and thankful for the support that was given.

Special thanks to Soos Board Bon!



On the 26th of March, BeneKids announced the ambassadors of this year.

These wonderfully dedicated students will help the board with its events and promotion of the coming year.


Name Change

Up until the 5th of April, the supporters of BeneKids did not know the hardships Board Scheepbouwer was going through. The name had to be changed due to possible legal issues.

On this day School of Life was officially changed to BeneKids!



On the 5th of April, BeneKids own craft beer was announced as well. A separate company was created to distribute Gracias, this company will donate all its profits to BeneKids! Gracias is a fresh and summery drink, that will provide the coming BeneKids boards with steady donations.



On the 30th of April, BeneKids Board Scheepbouwer flew to Nicaragua to see where the donations made go. We were wholeheartedly received and impressed by the impact the program has on the area.


Benefit Dinner

The 31st of May BeneKids had their first event. Successfully organised by Natalia and Toscha, over €1500 was raised for computers for Hotel Con Corazon Nicaragua.

Financial Overview

The financial overview of the month of June has a similar outlook compared to the month of May. Slight changes appear with regards to the revenue of the Dam tot Damloop and the financial outlook of the Gracias Beer.

As profit is made within the months of May and June, the board has decided to further extend our inventory with a batch of 3000 (!) new beers. Therefore, an investment has been made of €3.000. This amount could be slightly more or less, as the final invoice has not been received yet. Furthermore, it is important to clarify that the beers are an investment for this board year and upcoming board year. We sincerely hope to sell as much as possible and make a reasonable profit with the craft beers, however, nothing severe will occur when the beers will not be sold during this particular board year.

An additional 160 euro’s have been collected by our Dam tot Damrunners. Currently, the organizational team of the Dam tot Damloop is busy looking for Sponsors for the T-shirts. After the summer holiday, further updates with regards to this matter will be given. Also, we would like to once more encourage all Dam tot Dam runners to share pif-world one more time on your Facebook page, to further encourage people to donate.


Here we have a small list of goals we made at the start of the year, and which ones we have already achieved:

– Raise €21000,- by the end of our board year
– Successfully create a monthly donation subscription
– Find a new head sponsor
– Provide merchandise for stakeholders to buy

✅ Put our first BeneKids beer on the market and sell it successfully
– Have 2 succefull events including Dam tot Dam loop and Craft Beer Festival
✅ Create a new concept for a new yearly event
✅ Improve the foundation of the charity by having our financial overview in EXACT
✅ Improve relation between S&F’s and Comitas (meeting every block)
✅ Rebranding of School of Life (to BeneKids)

6 months of our board year has passed. In this newsletter we offered a look back at the results we have achieved. We want to thank you for your support, and trust we can continue to exceed your expectations.

We look forward to the next 6 months and can’t wait to see what they will bring. 

Person of the Month

Dick Bos is our person of the month June! He is Lausanne’s father, and a creative director. He designed the logo of Gracias Beer, redesigned the logo of BeneKids and helped come up with the name Gracias! When Board Scheepbouwer got stuck with their creative decisions, Dick was able to provide a fresh outlook that helped us with making decisions! Dick, thank you for giving us creative direction!


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