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BeneKids Newsletter March

Newsletter March BeneKids

This month has been very special to us. We are finally able to share some new projects on what we have been up to in the past months. First of all, we changed the name of C.F. School of Life to C.F. BeneKids. The reasoning behind the name change, was that we have had some legal issues with other companies operating under the same name. Therefore, we were obligated to change our name. In the following newsletter, we will give a brief explanation on the new name, explain more about the first C.F. BeneKids beer and we would like to introduce you to our new Ambassadors.


Charity Foundation BeneKids 
First and foremost, we would like to give a brief explanation about how we came up with a new name of our Charity Foundation. Using KIKA as an inspirational source, the board has combined two words which arose from the brainstorm sessions, which together summarize the following description: ‘Currently C.F. School of Life raises money to offer educational benefits for children less fortunate than us.’ From the words; Benefits and Children, the board came up with the name BeneKids. 

We know that education is a main purpose of C.F. School of Life, but not the only purpose. C.F. School of Life and HCC offer more benefits in life currently, such as job offers and prosperity within the local community. Therefore, the new name will be ‘BeneKids’ (Benefits for kids) with the slogan: “With dedication to education to make it powerful and to the point.

New projects


We are very excited to announce that we have created our very own first BeneKids’ Beer called ‘GRACIAS’. This Beer has been created by the board members of C.F. BeneKids to sell in bars within Amsterdam. The money raised by selling this beer will go to directly to the charity. The beer is fruity, flowery and light and has been personally brewed at the Noord-Hollandse Bierbrouwerij in Uitgeest. We are very excited to combine our knowledge gained within the hospitality industry, to now being able to sell our very first own beer.


Dam to Dam Run: 

Since last year was such a great success, we have decided to join the Dam to Dam race again. This month the run has been sold out with a great amount of runners! 90 runners have signed up to join this event with us in September to run the 16K. Thank you all for your support and we will you keep posted on our Facebook page: Dam tot Damloop 2018! – BeneKids

New ambassadors

We are very excited to announce our new ambassadors for C.F. BeneKids! These are the special, amazing people that are going to take care of our events this coming year. We are so proud that they are all willing to spend time on this great charity foundation with us and raise as much money as possible for education!

Dam tot damloop:

– Carla Falcon Bayer
– Raluca Mitran
– Aaron Auping

Craft Beer Festival:
– Melissa Leusink
– Caitlin de Keijzer
– Latisha de Boer
– Babette de Leeuw
– Jip Hanemaaijer

Promo team:
– Coos Buxtorff
– Splinter Martens
– Victor Bey-Smith
– Maxime van Zanten

Benefit dinner:
– Natalia Pilla Busato
– Toscha De Wit van Eyken

This has been yet again, a great month with many good things happening for BeneKids such as new projects, new ambassadors and of course the most important one: the new name ‘BeneKids’. Thank you all for your support and we will hopefully see you again next month.

Kind regards,

Board Scheepbouwer


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