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BeneKids Newsletter May

This month GRACIAS was released! This craft beer brand will donate all of its profits to CF BeneKids. 

​So far, we’ve heard many good stories of people who enjoy this fruity summer beer! Try it at Hotelschool The Hague and Escobar. 

More bars will have GRACIAS in stock soon!

Gracias Facebook


In the past month AFICAGA took place! All sororities and fraternities came together to create a huge lottery of which all profits went to BeneKids. 

​We are extremely happy with this collaboration and more than happy to let you know that a grand total of €1481 was raised! Once again thanks to all sororities and fraternities for their help, and to all people who bought tickets.

Enjoy your prizes! 



Financial Update!

The financial overview covers a clear and brief description of the revenue and expenses occurred so far. Please contact us if you would request an elaboration on the financial figures. 

May’s financial overview covers the revenue and expenses of our first event as well as an updated status on the craft beers. Furthermore, the revenue of the dam tot damloop has been updated with the current status of donations. We would like to thank the S&F’s this month particularly, as they have donated an incredible amount after AficaGa!

Benefit Dinner!

Last week BeneKids’ first big event took place! The benefit dinner was organised extremely well by our ambassadors Toscha and Natalia, and the food was prepared masterfully by the GastroCie! 

Everybody had a great time as the Gracias and sangria were flowing and the music was playing. 

Because of our supporters we were able to raise over €1400 for Hotel Con Corazon, giving them the ability to purchase at least 4 computers for the children to use in class!

Check out our Facebook for the pictures, or our PIFWorld if you’d like to donate to BeneKids!

Person of the month

A new part of the BeneKids newsletter is the person of the month! This is the place where we highlight the people that are most important to our charity foundation, that have had a great impact on us or that have generally been a big help to us!

The person of the month for May is Gretcheen Gonzalez! 

Gretcheen is the hotel manager of Hotel Con Corazon in Nicaragua. During our time there she inspired us greatly with her stories. Through her perseverance, dedication and strength she has become a strong and independent woman that has dedicated her life to helping others improve their lives! 

She is incredibly bright and a wonderful hostess! Gretcheen, you have been an inspiration to us and we hope to be able to meet you again soon in Nicaragua!

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