Dear Newsletter readers!

We present to you the newsletter of C.F. BeneKids of the month May 2019.  We have some exciting announcements for you and the review of certain events.


During the AFICAG we received several prizes from sororities and fraternities from S.A. Comitas, which we gave away during a lottery in the Soos. The lottery tickets were €2 per ticket and in total we raised €700! The night was super fun and successful! Thank you everyone who bought a ticket and raised this amount of money with us!


Due to low ticket sale and the lack of guarantee of a valuable outcome, the Benefit Dinner on the 13th of June was canceled. We are very eager to organize an event that will generate the most money for charity and the dinner could not promise this. However, we are preparing ourselves for new events to enjoy while raising money for charity, like the Rooftop party on the past 19th of June! Stay tuned on our website, Facebook & Instagram page and our beer for Charity Gracias!


The course MO at Hotelschool The Hague includes the assignment of PATE. Where students organize an event or other to raise money for a charity by choice. This block, a team chose our Charity Foundation to raise money for! They organized an amazing event on a Rooftop in Amsterdam. Stay tuned on the Newsletter June for the full review! 🙂


We still have some spots available for the Dam tot Damloop 2019 with our C.F. BeneKids team. We will run for education with motivated runners to raise money and work on our summer body! Still interested in joining our team? Get your ticket fast! Send an email to [email protected]!


We received another update from Hotel Con Corazon in Oaxaca, Mexico! We are also very proud to announce that Board Kuijer will be visiting the hotel as well. We will update you all during our visit there about who we meet and what we experience.

Update: The youth for scholarships will get a class every Saturday in the Oaxaca Learning Center on how to use their scholarship. They will receive coaching in how they should study as well. After summer, the English classes, coaching and tutoring will begin.  The English classes in the hotel for the staff are every Wednesday. In Julu, the interns will start with for example front office and kitchen activities to improve their kitchen skills and learn in the hotel.

We are very much looking forward to visit Hotel Con Corazon Oaxaca this summer and update you on their activities.

Thank you for reading the newsletter of May 2019. In the next newsletter we will review the PATE event and much more! Until next month!


Kind regards,

Board Kuijer

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