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Dear supporters!

Now presenting, the first Newsletter of Board Kuijer! Last November we had the official change from Board Scheepbouwer to Board Kuijer. The Board Change Diner took place at Plan West, with a lot of family, friends and ambassadors. We are very thankful for the speeches and energy from all guests. Thank you Aaron Auping for the amazing pictures!

Also, we would like to congratulate Board Scheepbouwer for raising the amount of €21.000 the past year! This amount of money will be invested in Hotel Con Corazon, to support them with their project in Costa Rica.

The goal of Board Kuijer for the upcoming year is to increase awareness for BeneKids. We want to follow the previous boards in terms of passion, dedication and professionalism. We are dedicated to raise as much money possible by hosting events during the year.

Proudly presenting:

Wessel Kuijer – Chairman

Babette de Leeuw – Treasurer

Jip Hanemaaijer – Director of Gracias B.V.

Pien Gillhaus – PR Commissioner

Please find more information about us under the header ‘About us’ on our website!

After weeks of preparation, we are very proud and confident to continue the growth of this important charity! 

Benekids Newsletter September

Benekids Newsletter September


Dam 2 Dam!

The Dam 2 Dam run was a great success for BeneKids! We are incredibly proud of the accomplishment of all our runners! Our runners managed to raise an incredible amount of €9.514,08! If you’d like to see the complete budgetsheets, please send us an email. Find the winners of the competition below!

Fastest Male: Floris van Raaijen

Fastest Female: Noor van der Poel

Most Money Raised: Rhea Ruben/Janneke Maas.

Congrats to all the winners!

Craft Beer Festival

The Craft Beer Festival is this week! Our ambassadors have been working day and night to create the best possible event for you all. Come to Atelier on Sunday the 7th and enjoy the best beers in Amsterdam with us!


Board Change Incoming!

Board Scheepbouwer has been evaluating their year so far for the past month, and trying to create the best possible team for the next year of BeneKids.



Nicaragua Situation

Recently, BeneKids was contacted by Hotel Con Corazon. The Granada hotel is sadly still struggling with the political situation of the country. They requested our help.

As BeneKids, we are donating a percentage of the profits of the craft beer festival to Hotel Con Corazon in Nicaragua. The percentage will be treated as a donation, and will therefore not be returned to BeneKids in the 15 year plan.


The person of the month September is Christiaan!

Christaan was the photographer of the Dam2Dam for BeneKids,

and the photographer of the Craft Beer Festival as well.

Normally he puts our supporters in the spotlight, but today, we put him in the spotlight!

Christiaan, your Dam2Dam pictures were amazing, thanks for getting into the rain for us.

We’re already excited about the pictures from Craft Beer Festival!


BeneKids Newsletter July

BeneKids Newsletter July








Board Change is Coming!

Board Scheepbouwers year is coming to an end! We are looking for new dedicated board members for BeneKids. Below you can find a description of the available positions. Email with a motivation letter to apply!


As chairperson it is of the utmost importance to stay connected with your stakeholders. You give speeches during BeneKids public appearances. Communication with your board is vital!



As treasurer of BeneKids you handle all financial correspondence for BeneKids and Gracias! You stay in touch with your fellow board members and need to keep the finances up to date. You are also the person who explains the financial side during public appearances. Skills with Excel are needed! 


Event Commissioner

​As event commissioner you organise BeneKids signature events together with a team of ambassadors! These are the BeneKids Benefit, the Craft Beer Festival and the Dam2Dam. Good organisational skills are needed!

PR Commissioner 

as PR commissioner of BeneKids you are constantly improving the social media presence of BeneKids and keep track of the website. This is a constant process and needs a creative mastermind for succes. Abilities to use photoshop or other picture editing apps are a big plus!

Beer Commissioner

A new position was created for this years board! Gracias has been hugely successful so far in Amsterdam, and currently we are looking for a dedicated person to continue that succes! You will be in touch with the brewer, your sales team and all possible bars!

Person of the month

The person of the month July is Katary! She is one of the students that gets extra tutoring through hotel Con Corazon. They noticed she was a bright girl with a lot of potential, and offered her a scholarship to go to high school. She dreams of studying medicine and supporting her family. Katary, you are inspiring. We know you can make your dreams come true!

BeneKids Newsletter June

BeneKids Newsletter June

In the coming newsletter, we will be giving you a progress update and a review of what BeneKids has been doing in the first 6 months of Board Scheepbouwer. Enjoy!

Board Change Dinner

On the 5th of December, BeneKids had its board change dinner and the charity foundation was officially handed over from Board Reddingius to Board Scheepbouwer.



The first event Board Scheepbouwer attended was Hoscars. A benefit dinner that honors teachers of Hotelschool The Hague.

An amazing amount of €600 was raised for BeneKids as a result.

Thank you very much Student Council Amsterdam for your wonderful effort!


Valentines Day

On the 14th of February, BeneKids shared the love with the members of Comitas. Roses were handed out at the Soos

Board Scheepbouwer was incredibly surprised by and thankful for the support that was given.

Special thanks to Soos Board Bon!



On the 26th of March, BeneKids announced the ambassadors of this year.

These wonderfully dedicated students will help the board with its events and promotion of the coming year.


Name Change

Up until the 5th of April, the supporters of BeneKids did not know the hardships Board Scheepbouwer was going through. The name had to be changed due to possible legal issues.

On this day School of Life was officially changed to BeneKids!



On the 5th of April, BeneKids own craft beer was announced as well. A separate company was created to distribute Gracias, this company will donate all its profits to BeneKids! Gracias is a fresh and summery drink, that will provide the coming BeneKids boards with steady donations.



On the 30th of April, BeneKids Board Scheepbouwer flew to Nicaragua to see where the donations made go. We were wholeheartedly received and impressed by the impact the program has on the area.


Benefit Dinner

The 31st of May BeneKids had their first event. Successfully organised by Natalia and Toscha, over €1500 was raised for computers for Hotel Con Corazon Nicaragua.

Financial Overview

The financial overview of the month of June has a similar outlook compared to the month of May. Slight changes appear with regards to the revenue of the Dam tot Damloop and the financial outlook of the Gracias Beer.

As profit is made within the months of May and June, the board has decided to further extend our inventory with a batch of 3000 (!) new beers. Therefore, an investment has been made of €3.000. This amount could be slightly more or less, as the final invoice has not been received yet. Furthermore, it is important to clarify that the beers are an investment for this board year and upcoming board year. We sincerely hope to sell as much as possible and make a reasonable profit with the craft beers, however, nothing severe will occur when the beers will not be sold during this particular board year.

An additional 160 euro’s have been collected by our Dam tot Damrunners. Currently, the organizational team of the Dam tot Damloop is busy looking for Sponsors for the T-shirts. After the summer holiday, further updates with regards to this matter will be given. Also, we would like to once more encourage all Dam tot Dam runners to share pif-world one more time on your Facebook page, to further encourage people to donate.


Here we have a small list of goals we made at the start of the year, and which ones we have already achieved:

– Raise €21000,- by the end of our board year
– Successfully create a monthly donation subscription
– Find a new head sponsor
– Provide merchandise for stakeholders to buy

✅ Put our first BeneKids beer on the market and sell it successfully
– Have 2 succefull events including Dam tot Dam loop and Craft Beer Festival
✅ Create a new concept for a new yearly event
✅ Improve the foundation of the charity by having our financial overview in EXACT
✅ Improve relation between S&F’s and Comitas (meeting every block)
✅ Rebranding of School of Life (to BeneKids)

6 months of our board year has passed. In this newsletter we offered a look back at the results we have achieved. We want to thank you for your support, and trust we can continue to exceed your expectations.

We look forward to the next 6 months and can’t wait to see what they will bring. 

Person of the Month

Dick Bos is our person of the month June! He is Lausanne’s father, and a creative director. He designed the logo of Gracias Beer, redesigned the logo of BeneKids and helped come up with the name Gracias! When Board Scheepbouwer got stuck with their creative decisions, Dick was able to provide a fresh outlook that helped us with making decisions! Dick, thank you for giving us creative direction!


BeneKids Newsletter May

BeneKids Newsletter May

This month GRACIAS was released! This craft beer brand will donate all of its profits to CF BeneKids. 

​So far, we’ve heard many good stories of people who enjoy this fruity summer beer! Try it at Hotelschool The Hague and Escobar. 

More bars will have GRACIAS in stock soon!

Gracias Facebook


In the past month AFICAGA took place! All sororities and fraternities came together to create a huge lottery of which all profits went to BeneKids. 

​We are extremely happy with this collaboration and more than happy to let you know that a grand total of €1481 was raised! Once again thanks to all sororities and fraternities for their help, and to all people who bought tickets.

Enjoy your prizes! 



Financial Update!

The financial overview covers a clear and brief description of the revenue and expenses occurred so far. Please contact us if you would request an elaboration on the financial figures. 

May’s financial overview covers the revenue and expenses of our first event as well as an updated status on the craft beers. Furthermore, the revenue of the dam tot damloop has been updated with the current status of donations. We would like to thank the S&F’s this month particularly, as they have donated an incredible amount after AficaGa!

Benefit Dinner!

Last week BeneKids’ first big event took place! The benefit dinner was organised extremely well by our ambassadors Toscha and Natalia, and the food was prepared masterfully by the GastroCie! 

Everybody had a great time as the Gracias and sangria were flowing and the music was playing. 

Because of our supporters we were able to raise over €1400 for Hotel Con Corazon, giving them the ability to purchase at least 4 computers for the children to use in class!

Check out our Facebook for the pictures, or our PIFWorld if you’d like to donate to BeneKids!

Person of the month

A new part of the BeneKids newsletter is the person of the month! This is the place where we highlight the people that are most important to our charity foundation, that have had a great impact on us or that have generally been a big help to us!

The person of the month for May is Gretcheen Gonzalez! 

Gretcheen is the hotel manager of Hotel Con Corazon in Nicaragua. During our time there she inspired us greatly with her stories. Through her perseverance, dedication and strength she has become a strong and independent woman that has dedicated her life to helping others improve their lives! 

She is incredibly bright and a wonderful hostess! Gretcheen, you have been an inspiration to us and we hope to be able to meet you again soon in Nicaragua!

BeneKids Newsletter April

BeneKids Newsletter April

Nicaragua journey:
This month board Scheepbouwer has visited Nicaragua in Central Amerika. When arriving the 20th of April in the capital Managua, the board had been told to watch out for potential protests against the government of Nicaragua. A new law had been brought in by the President, Daniel Ortega and many inhabitants of Nicaragua did not agree with this new law. After this information given, board Scheepbouwer decided to change plans for the next two days due to the protest. The kids who are provided with education by Hotel Con Corazon were not going to school. A couple of days later, the protest were over and board Scheepbouwer arrived in Granada at the beautiful Hotel Con Corazon.
The next couple of days at the hotel, board Scheepbouwer got to experience the working atmosphere at Hotel Con Corazon and got to meet the teachers that provide the kids with tutoring at the schools in Nicaragua. Board Scheepbouwer was impressed by the environment and platform of Hotel Con Corazon and their beautifull premises. The tutors have their own office at the hotel and prepare their classes there aswell as meet with the scholarship children for additional assistance. Furthermore, board Scheepbouwer visited a couple of families and got to know more about their experience with the charity. In addition, we got to visit the school, watch a couple of classes and play some games with the kids.
The board had many interviews with tutors, employees and students themselves to see what impact education has had on their lives in many different ways.
We would like to thank the tutors and employees of Hotel Con Corazon for making this all possible. It has truelly been a inspiring, fun and beautiful journey to remember for board Scheepbouwer.
Dam to Dam run 2018 update:
The time has come to start preparing ourselves for Dam to Dam loop! BeneKids ambassadors have organised the best training and informative sessions every Monday of the block to ensure you survive the 16km run!!
The first training session will be on Monday week 2 with Nathaniel Asamoah, who will ensure that we train every muscle of our body and get to know different techniques that will help on the day of the run! Spots for this bootcamp are limited so sign up as fast as possible at the facebook page to reserve a spot.
Gracias Cerveza:
As of May 20th, C.F BeneKids will have their own craft beer. This beer will be available in several bars around Amsterdam. It is a light, fruity beer brewed at the Noord-Hollandse Bierbrouwerij in Uitgeest. We are super excited and cannot wait until the release of this amazing project. We will keep you posted on when en where you can try it yourself!
Hotel Con Corazon in Mexico update:
An update from Mexico. Not about the construction progress , but about life in the aftermath of three big earthquakes in two weeks. luckily enough Oaxaca has not suffered major damages. however, it is tragic to see the damages surrounding Oaxaca. Hotel Con Corazon is trying to help out as much as possible as are many people from the surrounding villages. Despite everything that happend, Hotel Con Corazon keeps focusing on building the hotel and hopefully will be able to open soon.
Kind regards,
Board Scheepbouwer
BeneKids Newsletter March

BeneKids Newsletter March

Newsletter March BeneKids

This month has been very special to us. We are finally able to share some new projects on what we have been up to in the past months. First of all, we changed the name of C.F. School of Life to C.F. BeneKids. The reasoning behind the name change, was that we have had some legal issues with other companies operating under the same name. Therefore, we were obligated to change our name. In the following newsletter, we will give a brief explanation on the new name, explain more about the first C.F. BeneKids beer and we would like to introduce you to our new Ambassadors.


Charity Foundation BeneKids 
First and foremost, we would like to give a brief explanation about how we came up with a new name of our Charity Foundation. Using KIKA as an inspirational source, the board has combined two words which arose from the brainstorm sessions, which together summarize the following description: ‘Currently C.F. School of Life raises money to offer educational benefits for children less fortunate than us.’ From the words; Benefits and Children, the board came up with the name BeneKids. 

We know that education is a main purpose of C.F. School of Life, but not the only purpose. C.F. School of Life and HCC offer more benefits in life currently, such as job offers and prosperity within the local community. Therefore, the new name will be ‘BeneKids’ (Benefits for kids) with the slogan: “With dedication to education to make it powerful and to the point.

New projects


We are very excited to announce that we have created our very own first BeneKids’ Beer called ‘GRACIAS’. This Beer has been created by the board members of C.F. BeneKids to sell in bars within Amsterdam. The money raised by selling this beer will go to directly to the charity. The beer is fruity, flowery and light and has been personally brewed at the Noord-Hollandse Bierbrouwerij in Uitgeest. We are very excited to combine our knowledge gained within the hospitality industry, to now being able to sell our very first own beer.


Dam to Dam Run: 

Since last year was such a great success, we have decided to join the Dam to Dam race again. This month the run has been sold out with a great amount of runners! 90 runners have signed up to join this event with us in September to run the 16K. Thank you all for your support and we will you keep posted on our Facebook page: Dam tot Damloop 2018! – BeneKids

New ambassadors

We are very excited to announce our new ambassadors for C.F. BeneKids! These are the special, amazing people that are going to take care of our events this coming year. We are so proud that they are all willing to spend time on this great charity foundation with us and raise as much money as possible for education!

Dam tot damloop:

– Carla Falcon Bayer
– Raluca Mitran
– Aaron Auping

Craft Beer Festival:
– Melissa Leusink
– Caitlin de Keijzer
– Latisha de Boer
– Babette de Leeuw
– Jip Hanemaaijer

Promo team:
– Coos Buxtorff
– Splinter Martens
– Victor Bey-Smith
– Maxime van Zanten

Benefit dinner:
– Natalia Pilla Busato
– Toscha De Wit van Eyken

This has been yet again, a great month with many good things happening for BeneKids such as new projects, new ambassadors and of course the most important one: the new name ‘BeneKids’. Thank you all for your support and we will hopefully see you again next month.

Kind regards,

Board Scheepbouwer


Newsletter February 2018

Newsletter February 2018

School of Life newsletter February 2018

Welcome to the second newsletter of School of Life Board Scheepbouwer. We would like to thank everyone for all your support this February. School of Life had a couple important events this month such as our annual meeting, Valentine’s day and of course we will be looking for our first ambassadors for the School of Life upcoming events.

First of all, the annual meeting which took place on the 13th of February, was a great success. The plans for the coming year from Board Scheepbouwer, were presented to Hotel Con Corazon, the Board of directors from Hotelschool The Hague, S.A. Comitas Board and of course School of Life’s own former boards and advisory board. We received great feedback in order to perfect our plans to raise as much money as possible for Hotel Con Corazon the coming year. Furthermore, we have some secret projects coming up that are going to be discussed during the General Members Meeting of S.A. Comitas which we are all very excited for!

Our goals for the coming year will be;

– Raise € 21.000, – by the end of our board year.

– Successfully create a monthly donation subscription.

– Provide merchandise for stakeholders to buy.

– Have 2 successful events including Dam tot Dam loop and Craft Beer Festival.

– Improve the foundation of the charity by having our financial overview in EXACT.

– Improve relation between S&F’s and Comitas in general (meeting every block).

The next topic of this newsletter is: Valentine’s day. Soos Board Bon (of S.A. Comitas) came up with the idea, a little before valentine’s day, to sell roses to students who surprised their valentine or send a sweet message to a friend. We are happy to announce that together with soos board Bon, we sold 80 roses and therefore made 148 euros in just one evening! We noticed during valentine’s day that School of Life is expanding, since the roses were sold out after almost two hours. We want to thank everybody who purchased a rose and donated to SOL!


6.490, –

To create a better overview of the money raised to far we give you our explanation of the money received.

Lastly, we are very excited to start working with our new ambassadors for our main events (Dam tot Dam loop and Craft Beer festival) and secret events! We have had many applicants who showed interest in School of Life and applied to become an ambassador for School of Life. We are very excited to announce the new ambassadors soon and hope of course that as many people as possible will join our upcoming events!

Thank you all again for your support!

We will keep you updated on our Facebook page on events, money raised etcetera. For now, enjoy your week and we hope to see you all at our events.


Kind regards,

Board Scheepbouwer

Newsletter January 2018

Newsletter January 2018

Dear All,
Thank you for reading the first newsletter of Board Scheepbouwer! First and foremost, we would like to introduce ourselves to our dedicated supporters. Let’s start off with our Chairman, Spike Scheepbouwer. This 22-year-old individual is more than committed to getting School of Life to the next level and has had a great experience working with Student Council as Event commissioner. As chairman, it is his personal goal to continue the growth of School of Life, motivate others to donate and to find a new yearly sponsor. As the only male in a team full of ambitious, independent and smart girls, we wish him a lot of luck! Next up is our PR-commissionaire Iris Meijerhof. This social media star who is 20 years of age, will be taking care of promotion and communication. Her main goal is to create more awareness for School of Life in Hotelschool The Hague campus and outside.

The 21-year-old, number genius Lausanne Bos will fulfil the position of treasurer of School of Life. She is in charge of all finances and the sustainability of School of Life. Her main goal this year is to pass on a charity that has the fundamental financial aspects to even become greater and bigger! Last but not least is 20-year-old Danielle Kotter who takes the position of Event Commisioner. By already working as PR-Commissioner for the Craft Beer Festival 2017, she has gained much interest and knowledge for the amazing cause. This year she will try her hardest to ensure that all events are even more successful than the previous year.
January has been a very short, chaotic and enjoyfull month. After our board change in December, we first were able to attend the yearly event: Hoscars. Hereby teachers receive recognition by earning prices and awards for their excellence. Student Council was so thoughtful to promote and support School of Life that evening by raising €600,-. Thank you for everybody that donated and a big thanks to Student Council Amsterdam! The next event was the GMM of student association Comitas where the board introduced themselves. As the board year of Board de Kroon came to an end, a decision had to be made about the money earned from fines. Would it go to Dies Natalis 2018 or should it go to School of life? We are extremely thankful and proud to inform that more than 89,6% voted for the incredible amount of €1070,- to go straight to School of Life! Again, a big thank you for everyone who voted for us and to Comitas for providing us this opportunity.
On the first of February we said goodbye to Board de Kroon and welcomed Board de Jongh with open arms. The board change of Comitas Head board was a great success. We want to say to Board de Jongh that we are extremely excited to work with you all this next year and we are confident you will do amazing. Another group of amazing people we would like to thank is the new members of sorority and fraternities Amitera C.C.S (€500,-), Floridus Aurum (€750,-), and A.G.F. Caesar (€520,-). As part of their hazing, they raised amazing amounts for us and showed their commitment to our charity.
Currently we are working hard to finalize our plans for the upcoming year. On the 13th of February we will present these plans to our Advisory Board at our annual meeting. What you can expect from us is this year is the popular events Craft Beer festival and Dam tot Dam. In addition, a very exciting secret project is currently being processed. We are currently accessing the success and opinion about School of Life by others. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to fill in our survey on Facebook in order for us to grow as a charity.
We as the new board are extremely thrilled for the upcoming year and can’t wait to share it with you all.
Best Regards,
Board Scheepbouwer
Newsletter December

Newsletter December

Wauw, what a year. It is time for us to say goodbye. 12 months ago, we as Board Reddingius, took over the position of the former board of School of Life; Board Elion.

Taking over this position as four fresh individuals was not easy.

As all boards do, we set goals for 2017. Our first goal was to make School of Life even more known and appreciated within Hotelschool The Hague. The second was to raise at least an amount of €15.000, -.

One year, 1000 meetings and five successful events further, we gained a lot of experience, we have faced ups and downs but finally, have accomplished something beautiful. Not only is School of Life more well-known within the Hotelschool (Amsterdam), we also raised an amount of €25.000, –

We are honoured to give this large amount as a loan to our partner, Hotel con Corazón, for their project with building a new hotel in Mexico. The hotel is expected to be finished in Dec 2019 where after, 75% of their profit will go to the support of education in neighbouring villages.

On the 5th of December, we had our annual board change together with friends and family at Le Debut. This evening was filled with anecdotes, videos, and speeches. Grateful for all the moments we have spent together.

We are going out with a bang! When life gives you lemons make lemonade, life gave us School of Life and we made €25.000 euros.

Once again we would like to thank you for all your support and we wish all the best luck to Board Scheepbouwer. Want to look back at a great year? Please click here in order to read the School of Life annual report


Maud Reddingius, Puck Rozendaal, Barth Blankemeijer and Maaike Vissers