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Previous Boards

Every year a new board is appointed to run the organization. In 2015 C.F. BeneKids was started and the first board was chosen.  Please find below and overview of all the board members from the previous and current boards.

Board Ellion 2015-2016
Vivian Ellion
Lara Stemmerik
Paul Brasser
Stefan Poot

Board Reddingius 2016-2017
Maud Reddingius
Barth Blankemeijer
Puck Rozendaal
Maaike Visser

Board Scheepbouwer 2017-2018
Spike Scheepbouwer
Lausanne Bos
Daniëlle Kotter
Iris Meijerhof

Board Kuijer 2018-2019 (Present)
Wessel Kuijer
Babette de Leeuw
Jip Hanemaaijer
Pien Gillhaus





GRACIAS is officially out!! 🎉

Recently, the craft beer brand Gracias has been brought to life. This brand will donate all their profit to C.F. BeneKids. GRACIAS is a light and fruity craft beer with some elements of lime, spiciness and a soft aftertaste. It will be available at several bars around Amsterdam and at Hotelschool The Hague campus Amsterdam.

As students, we are very much aware of how expensive life can be. So how could we change lives and enjoy ourselves at the same time? This was when GRACIAS was brought to life. The beer shows that supporting a charity should not feel as an obligation but as a free choice. All of the money earned with this beer will go to C.F. BeneKids.

The name GRACIAS was chosen, as we want to thank every single person who orders a GRACIAS for their generous donation. And we hope they enjoy it in the process. Try GRACIAS now at Hotelschool the Hague or Escobar! We are very excited to see what you will think of it! 🍺🍻

Kind regards,
Board Scheepbouwer

Our story

Our story

BeneKids is a charity foundation initiated by members of Student Association Comitas (S.A. Comitas), part of Hotelschool the Hague, campus Amsterdam. This initiative is brought to life in order to give something students take for granted, back to society, there where it is needed the most. The foundation provides loans to Hotel con Corazon, a Dutch foundation that builds hotels in order to invest 75% of their profits into supporting the education of children around the world. BeneKids supports all their expansion projects in order to ultimately invest in the support and development of the future of the educated students, in order to improve the well-being in local communities. Please refer to Our Mission for more information. As a charity foundation, BeneKids raises money by organizing events, receiving donations and attracting sponsors. Every initiative to extend these channels are welcome!

Next up: Costa Rica, Rincón de la Vieja

Next up: Costa Rica, Rincón de la Vieja


Hotel Con Corazón already made plans for a third hotel in Rincón de la Vieja, Costa Rica. for this project, crowdfunding has started and partnerships have been made with, amongst others, eco-travelers. They are planning to open the hotel in 2020, and have already started fundraising at this point.

We are proud to announce that the final amount of Board Scheepbouwer will be invested into this beautiful new hotel! With this, the pretty serious drop out rate of secondary education within the villages of Rincón de la Vieja, should improve.

Would you like to know more about the progress made of the new hotel?

Please visit:

Brand new hotel in Oaxaca, Mexico

Brand new hotel in Oaxaca, Mexico


We are very excited to announce that a brand new hotel has been opened in Oaxaca, Mexico! After more than a year of construction, the hotel started the full operation at the end of June 2018.

Hotel con Corazón Oaxaca is not your average hotel. It is a hotel with a heart, a message and a cause. When you stay with Hotel con Corazón, you help create a brighter future for the children of Oaxaca because their profits are invested in local education. Hotel con Corazón in Oaxaca is of small scale, offering a personal touch and a high level of coziness while providing excellent service. The hotel offers 14 comfortable rooms and numerous common spaces to relax, work or chat. It’s the perfect place to return to after a long day exploring unforgettable Oaxaca.

To give you an idea of what the hotel looks like and what kind of town Oaxaca is, we added a small travel guide.


Rebranding from C.F. School of Life to C.F. BeneKids

Rebranding from C.F. School of Life to C.F. BeneKids


A couple of months ago, C.F. School of Life was contacted by The School of Life, an organization within Amsterdam that organizes classes with regards to life issues. They informed us, in a very kind way, that even though they admire what we are doing, they were quite bothered about the large similarities in our names. It had caused confusion amongst their stakeholders and ours, something that we experienced ourselves as well. Their name, is however, legally protected by the BOIP, and therefore board Scheepbouwer had no other option than to change the name. Moreover, as we are hoping to grow as a charity, we saw this as a necessity, not only for them, but also for us.

Within the past few months, Board Scheepbouwer had the important task of finding a new name. This process demanded time and a lot of energy, as we wanted to be completely sure that there would not be a name similar to ours. Furthermore, the name has to generally represent what we are doing and what we stand for.

This name, which is a assembly of the sentence, ‘Benefits for Kids’ will be used throughout the future of this charity organization and will be accompanied by the slogan: ‘with dedication to education.’ We consider this slogan to fit better with the new name and explain the purpose of this charity.

BeneKids Newsletter March

BeneKids Newsletter March

Newsletter March BeneKids

This month has been very special to us. We are finally able to share some new projects on what we have been up to in the past months. First of all, we changed the name of C.F. School of Life to C.F. BeneKids. The reasoning behind the name change, was that we have had some legal issues with other companies operating under the same name. Therefore, we were obligated to change our name. In the following newsletter, we will give a brief explanation on the new name, explain more about the first C.F. BeneKids beer and we would like to introduce you to our new Ambassadors.


Charity Foundation BeneKids 
First and foremost, we would like to give a brief explanation about how we came up with a new name of our Charity Foundation. Using KIKA as an inspirational source, the board has combined two words which arose from the brainstorm sessions, which together summarize the following description: ‘Currently C.F. School of Life raises money to offer educational benefits for children less fortunate than us.’ From the words; Benefits and Children, the board came up with the name BeneKids. 

We know that education is a main purpose of C.F. School of Life, but not the only purpose. C.F. School of Life and HCC offer more benefits in life currently, such as job offers and prosperity within the local community. Therefore, the new name will be ‘BeneKids’ (Benefits for kids) with the slogan: “With dedication to education to make it powerful and to the point.

New projects


We are very excited to announce that we have created our very own first BeneKids’ Beer called ‘GRACIAS’. This Beer has been created by the board members of C.F. BeneKids to sell in bars within Amsterdam. The money raised by selling this beer will go to directly to the charity. The beer is fruity, flowery and light and has been personally brewed at the Noord-Hollandse Bierbrouwerij in Uitgeest. We are very excited to combine our knowledge gained within the hospitality industry, to now being able to sell our very first own beer.


Dam to Dam Run: 

Since last year was such a great success, we have decided to join the Dam to Dam race again. This month the run has been sold out with a great amount of runners! 90 runners have signed up to join this event with us in September to run the 16K. Thank you all for your support and we will you keep posted on our Facebook page: Dam tot Damloop 2018! – BeneKids

New ambassadors

We are very excited to announce our new ambassadors for C.F. BeneKids! These are the special, amazing people that are going to take care of our events this coming year. We are so proud that they are all willing to spend time on this great charity foundation with us and raise as much money as possible for education!

Dam tot damloop:

– Carla Falcon Bayer
– Raluca Mitran
– Aaron Auping

Craft Beer Festival:
– Melissa Leusink
– Caitlin de Keijzer
– Latisha de Boer
– Babette de Leeuw
– Jip Hanemaaijer

Promo team:
– Coos Buxtorff
– Splinter Martens
– Victor Bey-Smith
– Maxime van Zanten

Benefit dinner:
– Natalia Pilla Busato
– Toscha De Wit van Eyken

This has been yet again, a great month with many good things happening for BeneKids such as new projects, new ambassadors and of course the most important one: the new name ‘BeneKids’. Thank you all for your support and we will hopefully see you again next month.

Kind regards,

Board Scheepbouwer


Newsletter February 2018

Newsletter February 2018

School of Life newsletter February 2018

Welcome to the second newsletter of School of Life Board Scheepbouwer. We would like to thank everyone for all your support this February. School of Life had a couple important events this month such as our annual meeting, Valentine’s day and of course we will be looking for our first ambassadors for the School of Life upcoming events.

First of all, the annual meeting which took place on the 13th of February, was a great success. The plans for the coming year from Board Scheepbouwer, were presented to Hotel Con Corazon, the Board of directors from Hotelschool The Hague, S.A. Comitas Board and of course School of Life’s own former boards and advisory board. We received great feedback in order to perfect our plans to raise as much money as possible for Hotel Con Corazon the coming year. Furthermore, we have some secret projects coming up that are going to be discussed during the General Members Meeting of S.A. Comitas which we are all very excited for!

Our goals for the coming year will be;

– Raise € 21.000, – by the end of our board year.

– Successfully create a monthly donation subscription.

– Provide merchandise for stakeholders to buy.

– Have 2 successful events including Dam tot Dam loop and Craft Beer Festival.

– Improve the foundation of the charity by having our financial overview in EXACT.

– Improve relation between S&F’s and Comitas in general (meeting every block).

The next topic of this newsletter is: Valentine’s day. Soos Board Bon (of S.A. Comitas) came up with the idea, a little before valentine’s day, to sell roses to students who surprised their valentine or send a sweet message to a friend. We are happy to announce that together with soos board Bon, we sold 80 roses and therefore made 148 euros in just one evening! We noticed during valentine’s day that School of Life is expanding, since the roses were sold out after almost two hours. We want to thank everybody who purchased a rose and donated to SOL!


6.490, –

To create a better overview of the money raised to far we give you our explanation of the money received.

Lastly, we are very excited to start working with our new ambassadors for our main events (Dam tot Dam loop and Craft Beer festival) and secret events! We have had many applicants who showed interest in School of Life and applied to become an ambassador for School of Life. We are very excited to announce the new ambassadors soon and hope of course that as many people as possible will join our upcoming events!

Thank you all again for your support!

We will keep you updated on our Facebook page on events, money raised etcetera. For now, enjoy your week and we hope to see you all at our events.


Kind regards,

Board Scheepbouwer