GRACIAS is officially out!! 🎉

Recently, the craft beer brand Gracias has been brought to life. This brand will donate all their profit to C.F. BeneKids. GRACIAS is a light and fruity craft beer with some elements of lime, spiciness and a soft aftertaste. It will be available at several bars around Amsterdam and at Hotelschool The Hague campus Amsterdam.

As students, we are very much aware of how expensive life can be. So how could we change lives and enjoy ourselves at the same time? This was when GRACIAS was brought to life. The beer shows that supporting a charity should not feel as an obligation but as a free choice. All of the money earned with this beer will go to C.F. BeneKids.

The name GRACIAS was chosen, as we want to thank every single person who orders a GRACIAS for their generous donation. And we hope they enjoy it in the process. Try GRACIAS now at Hotelschool the Hague or Escobar! We are very excited to see what you will think of it! 🍺🍻

Kind regards,
Board Scheepbouwer

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