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Fraternity supports School of Life

This month started off with the fundraising hosted by A.G.F. Caesar. Members of Caesar got the creative idea to sell home-made cookies. They were the first with this great initiative and we are very thankful for their support!


Education in Nicaragua  

Currently, the extra educational support is provided in a rural community within two small schools, San Pablo and Bertha Gutierrez. In these schools is educational support for children aged 7-15 years in primary school and aged 15-22 years in secondary school. Now students are on vacation and they will return to school the 6th of February.


We are proud to announce the development within the school supplies. Children get the opportunity to work with laptops and therefore improve their way of educating.

Would you like to support this even more?

An investment of €25.000 will support 116 education years for children. It takes €200 per year to give one child full educational support in Oaxaca, Mexico. Hotel Con Corazon also supports the local community indirect by buying local supplies, pay taxes and provides job opportunities.

Who are actually our contacts in Oaxaca, Mexico?

We would like to introduce you to; Erica Donkers and Saskia Fishier, two supporters of Hotel Con Corazon and Marcel Zuidhof one of the founding fathers of Hotel Con Corazon. They are currently in Oaxaca to lead the construction of the new Hotel Con Corazon.

Erica Donkers: ‘”I have previously lived in Costa Rica and Mexico, where I worked in the field of Ecotourism and later with disadvantaged children. All this experience comes together in the challenges of Hotel con Corazón Mexico. I have a hands-on mentality and a great drive to realize my goals.”

Saskia Fiselier: “I first visited Oaxaca in 2008 and have been living here since 2011. I find the city the perfect place to realize a social hotel. I like to work as a team and love the challenge of getting a project like this together and turning it into a success.”

Marcel Zuidhof: “After six years in the Netherlands, I now want to use my experience to set up this new Hotel con Corazón in Mexico.”

The design of the hotel in Oaxaca is in progress and we are happy to share more pictures of the terrain.


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