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Newsletter February 2018

School of Life newsletter February 2018

Welcome to the second newsletter of School of Life Board Scheepbouwer. We would like to thank everyone for all your support this February. School of Life had a couple important events this month such as our annual meeting, Valentine’s day and of course we will be looking for our first ambassadors for the School of Life upcoming events.

First of all, the annual meeting which took place on the 13th of February, was a great success. The plans for the coming year from Board Scheepbouwer, were presented to Hotel Con Corazon, the Board of directors from Hotelschool The Hague, S.A. Comitas Board and of course School of Life’s own former boards and advisory board. We received great feedback in order to perfect our plans to raise as much money as possible for Hotel Con Corazon the coming year. Furthermore, we have some secret projects coming up that are going to be discussed during the General Members Meeting of S.A. Comitas which we are all very excited for!

Our goals for the coming year will be;

– Raise € 21.000, – by the end of our board year.

– Successfully create a monthly donation subscription.

– Provide merchandise for stakeholders to buy.

– Have 2 successful events including Dam tot Dam loop and Craft Beer Festival.

– Improve the foundation of the charity by having our financial overview in EXACT.

– Improve relation between S&F’s and Comitas in general (meeting every block).

The next topic of this newsletter is: Valentine’s day. Soos Board Bon (of S.A. Comitas) came up with the idea, a little before valentine’s day, to sell roses to students who surprised their valentine or send a sweet message to a friend. We are happy to announce that together with soos board Bon, we sold 80 roses and therefore made 148 euros in just one evening! We noticed during valentine’s day that School of Life is expanding, since the roses were sold out after almost two hours. We want to thank everybody who purchased a rose and donated to SOL!


6.490, –

To create a better overview of the money raised to far we give you our explanation of the money received.

Lastly, we are very excited to start working with our new ambassadors for our main events (Dam tot Dam loop and Craft Beer festival) and secret events! We have had many applicants who showed interest in School of Life and applied to become an ambassador for School of Life. We are very excited to announce the new ambassadors soon and hope of course that as many people as possible will join our upcoming events!

Thank you all again for your support!

We will keep you updated on our Facebook page on events, money raised etcetera. For now, enjoy your week and we hope to see you all at our events.


Kind regards,

Board Scheepbouwer

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