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Newsletter January 2017

Dear all,

We hope your 2017 will be a dazzling year, with new chances and opportunities! We also hope you have had a good Christmas and enjoyed or still enjoying your holidays.

A quick update what we have been up to in the month December and a sneak peek what is coming up coming months!


This month started off with the Hoscars hosted by the Student Council of Hotelschool The Hague.
The aim of the Hoscars is to reward the teacher of HtH for their skills, wisdom, hard work and dedication. The best lecturers and instructors were nominated and rewarded by the students.
During this event, School of Life was brought to daylight among teachers and students, where they got to know School of Life a little better. On top of all, a generous donation was done by the Student Council.
Looking back, we had a great evening and were honoured to be invited to the Hoscars, therefore would like to thank the Student Council for their support.

Progress of Board Reddingius
During the past month the board has been busy with setting goals for the future perspective of this year.
In 2017, the new Con Corazon Hotel in Mexico will be in the picture. This hotel will eventually generate money to help the local community in Oaxaca, Mexico.
In order to make our events successful it is of great importance to keep improving. Therefore, we would like to involve you within this process. Have you attended the First Edition of the Craft Beer Festival? We would love to hear your, honest and supportive, feedback. This will give us an insight on the improvements that should be taken into consideration next edition!

We kindly refer you to the survey that is online on the following website:

Would you like to relive this event again? Don’t forget to check out the amazing after movie

Auction at Duin & Kruidberg
School of Life will have its first event soon. We will host a 4-course Michelin star lunch and auction at Duin & Kruidberg, Santpoort the 19th of February. Do you have interest in participating and broaden your network, get to know alumni and people from different industries? please do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail address:

Mexico, Oaxaca

School of Life’s main focus this year is on Mexico Oaxaca. Where Hotel Con Corazon will start up their second hotel this new year.

We are happy to inform you that the team of Hotel Con Corazon has bought the ground for the new hotel in this area. *

School of Life will support this new project with their donation by the end of 2017 that will be used for the construction of the project. Eventually with 100% of the profit that will be made with the hotel goes to education within this city. Most important is the fact that Hotel Con Corazon will not take over the education, but will make sure that the children within that city are able to extend their school hours. Therefore, education support will be provided locally.

Location Mexico

Hopefully, we will reach our goal of €15.000 by the end of this year together with you. With direct contact with the organization in Oaxaca, School of Life will support a hotel room with their donation.

Agreements have been made with architects, the government, papers are signed and the design of the hotel has been completed. The construction of the building will start off in March. Oaxaca is about to start!

Agreement Mexico

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