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Newsletter January 2018
Dear All,
Thank you for reading the first newsletter of Board Scheepbouwer! First and foremost, we would like to introduce ourselves to our dedicated supporters. Let’s start off with our Chairman, Spike Scheepbouwer. This 22-year-old individual is more than committed to getting School of Life to the next level and has had a great experience working with Student Council as Event commissioner. As chairman, it is his personal goal to continue the growth of School of Life, motivate others to donate and to find a new yearly sponsor. As the only male in a team full of ambitious, independent and smart girls, we wish him a lot of luck! Next up is our PR-commissionaire Iris Meijerhof. This social media star who is 20 years of age, will be taking care of promotion and communication. Her main goal is to create more awareness for School of Life in Hotelschool The Hague campus and outside.

The 21-year-old, number genius Lausanne Bos will fulfil the position of treasurer of School of Life. She is in charge of all finances and the sustainability of School of Life. Her main goal this year is to pass on a charity that has the fundamental financial aspects to even become greater and bigger! Last but not least is 20-year-old Danielle Kotter who takes the position of Event Commisioner. By already working as PR-Commissioner for the Craft Beer Festival 2017, she has gained much interest and knowledge for the amazing cause. This year she will try her hardest to ensure that all events are even more successful than the previous year.
January has been a very short, chaotic and enjoyfull month. After our board change in December, we first were able to attend the yearly event: Hoscars. Hereby teachers receive recognition by earning prices and awards for their excellence. Student Council was so thoughtful to promote and support School of Life that evening by raising €600,-. Thank you for everybody that donated and a big thanks to Student Council Amsterdam! The next event was the GMM of student association Comitas where the board introduced themselves. As the board year of Board de Kroon came to an end, a decision had to be made about the money earned from fines. Would it go to Dies Natalis 2018 or should it go to School of life? We are extremely thankful and proud to inform that more than 89,6% voted for the incredible amount of €1070,- to go straight to School of Life! Again, a big thank you for everyone who voted for us and to Comitas for providing us this opportunity.
On the first of February we said goodbye to Board de Kroon and welcomed Board de Jongh with open arms. The board change of Comitas Head board was a great success. We want to say to Board de Jongh that we are extremely excited to work with you all this next year and we are confident you will do amazing. Another group of amazing people we would like to thank is the new members of sorority and fraternities Amitera C.C.S (€500,-), Floridus Aurum (€750,-), and A.G.F. Caesar (€520,-). As part of their hazing, they raised amazing amounts for us and showed their commitment to our charity.
Currently we are working hard to finalize our plans for the upcoming year. On the 13th of February we will present these plans to our Advisory Board at our annual meeting. What you can expect from us is this year is the popular events Craft Beer festival and Dam tot Dam. In addition, a very exciting secret project is currently being processed. We are currently accessing the success and opinion about School of Life by others. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to fill in our survey on Facebook in order for us to grow as a charity.
We as the new board are extremely thrilled for the upcoming year and can’t wait to share it with you all.
Best Regards,
Board Scheepbouwer

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