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Newsletter July 2017

Dear everyone,

The 11th of June, SOL had its first edition of SOL Sensation at WattWorks, Amsterdam. 3 rounds, 45 participants, sweat, competition and spinning were commonplace.

School of Life would like to thank everyone who participated during this event.

The day started off early, preparing all food & beverages for the participants who were about to burn a lot of calories. Around 11.30 the first spinners arrived at the location and were excited to jump on their bicycles. At exactly 12 o’clock we were off on our way to the top of the Mont Ventoux with the professional guidance of trainers Loek and Sander. After 50 minutes of an intensive work-out, the exhausted and red faces were entering our green room. Where hydrating drinks and delicious food was waiting.

We spent the day with repeating our work out for 3 hours, with each hour new participants. Even though, everyone cycled individually the team spirit was there as we all had the same goal, raising awareness and money for School of Life. A successful sports event with your support! The photos are available on our Facebook.


However, we have more news to share with you! The floor plan for the new hotel in Mexico, Oaxaca is out.

On the street side, there is a room that will serve as a shop, where tours, local products and rent bicycles will be sold. You will enter the hotel through a big gate next to the shop. While walking down the stairs to the premises that are situated some 4 meters lower you will enter our ‘oasis’.

The long stretch that connects the two buildings, left and right, and that serves as the reception area and common space, has glass doors on both sides that will be open during the day. It connects the two gardens in the front and the back, where we will create spaces for tourists to relax, work or chat.

The hotel has three floors with 14 rooms in total. The upper floor will have a large terrace on one side. More details will be shown soon!

GET EXCITED, because our second edition of the Craft Beer Festival will become reality. In October, you will get the chance to enjoy craft beers, a good greasy burger and great music. Ticket sale will start after summer break.

Last but not least, the Student Association S.A. Comitas, where School of Life originates from will celebrate its third Luster this year. Taking place at the end of November filled with surprising and stunning events. With the support of the Luster Committee, the 26th of November Chique day will become a benefit event, where all money raised will go to School Of Life. An event to dress and impress.


Enjoy your summer holidays!

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