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Newsletter April 2017

Dear all,

This edition is all about teamwork. As March has come to an end, we are proud to announce our team of ambassadors, who will help us realize the following events;

Are you ready to cycle for charity? Because Zsa-Zsa Prins, Romain de Jong, Lotte van der Ven, Lausanne Bos and Bram Römer are ready! Together they will host the first edition of SOL Sensation. A complete new sport concept, which is about to happen in June.  The team is busy with the all the preparations.

The Dam tot Dam loop will be organized by Puck Weijerman and Anna Elisa Bins, until now they rocked, as you might have heard, a team was created of 70 participants! Together with this great team we can not wait to see them train and reach that finish line for School of Life.

Expectations have been set and are about to be exceeded! We can’t wait to enjoy another crafted beer together with you. Danielle Kotter, Mylou Muller, Jessie de Ruiter, Nick de Leeuw and Emma de Wit will bring the annual Craft Beer Festival back after this summer.

Update from Hotel Con Corazón – Oaxaca, Mexico

A dream has come true! In December an oasis of 550m2, in the middle of the city was purchased. Currently the design has been made and the hotel is ready to be build! Can you already see yourself enjoying a margarita in the sun, while contributing to a good cause?

“Working on the distribution of rooms, general spaces and outdoor areas with the architects of RootStudio. It ain’t easy, fitting all our wishes in, but this is more or less what our hotelito will look like!”

But what about education? Because don’t forget that 75% of the profit of the hotel will go to education for the kids in the region. Currently research is being done on how to spend this money in the best way. Only 35% of Oaxaca’s young population attends or finishes high school. In rural areas, dropout is also high among primary school students. This is not a good basis for the socioeconomic future of Oaxaca and its youth. And it’s exactly to that future Hotel con Corazón wants to contribute with the support of School of Life.


Lastly, we all know that teamwork makes the dream work! Therefore, the board of School of Life has had a day in order to strengthen their teamwork. We faced each others’ weaknesses and strengths at the escape room in Amsterdam. A day with a lot of fun and closed off with a brainstorming session about the future of School of Life. Great things you will hear from us later ;).

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