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Newsletter November 2017

Dear All,

It is getting colder and colder outside, but when we think back at the Craft Beer Festival our hearts get warmer. Last month Charity Foundation School of Life organized the Craft Beer Festival at Het Sieraad in Amsterdam. The festival started off at 3 ‘o clock, where lots of visitors joined us for some amazing craft beers from Gebrouwen door Vrouwen, Poesiat & Kater and Oedipus. Meau Hewitt started off with a very special performance behind the piano who left us all speechless, what a voice! Nicolas Kanza created a nice atmosphere and afterward, Huub set the mood with his trumpet, if you have any interest in buying a CD from Huub please contact us! A lot of people were lucky to win some prizes from the lottery, such as a massage at Het Massage Huys, dinner at The Salsa Shop or one of the cool Heineken packages. But besides drinks, music, Mexican food was present as well. Our own GastroCie provided us with some spicy nacho’s, tasty burgers and lovely chicken sandwiches. Tzigane Swing ended the evening with Alex the DJ, which was a spectacular ending to a successful second Craft Beer Festival.

Special thanks to our ambassadors: Emma de Witt, Danielle Kotter, Nick de Leeuw, Mylou Muller, Jessie de Ruiter and of course our one and only treasurer Barth Blankenmeijer. These heroes have put their heart and soul in arranging the second edition of The Craft Beer Festival and raised a total amount of: €6.410,- You guys rock!


Dam tot Damloop

Furthermore, we take you 2 months back to The Dam tot Dam loop, but we still haven’t forgotten about this mindblowing event. Daan Klein and Merijn Kok took the lead and ran the 16KM within one hour and 20 minutes, good job boys! Karlijn Lindeman, a true power woman raised a total amount of €350, – Euros. But the true heroes of this event are of course Puck Weijerman, Anne-Elisa Bins, and Maud Reddingius because with the help of our runners and loyal School of Life supporters they raised a total amount of €7710,– Euros.

New board

December is on its way and our board year is coming to an end, it was an amazing year. However, all good things come to an end and therefore we are very proud to present the new board of Charity Foundation School of Life: Board Scheepbouwer. Spike Scheepbouwer will take the lead as the brand new chairman, Iris Meijerhof is going to make sure that you will stay up to date as the new PR Commissioner. The upcoming year will be a new year with lots of events, with Danielle Kotter as the new Event Commissioner! But what is a charity without its money, Lausanne Bos the new treasurer will make sure this can’t go wrong and our numbers will always be up to date.

Exciting news from Nicaragua & Oaxaca!

Near the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Costa Rica, Riksja travel and Hotel con Corazon are collaborating to build a new Riksja travel Hotel Con Corazon. Not just a hotel, but one with a heart. The profits that will be made are invested in education projects that ensure that children finish their school. In total, they need € 750.000, – for the purchase of a piece of land and the construction of the hotel. In addition to some major investors, Riksja Travel itself finances € 50,000, -. They want to pick up € 250,000, – with their travelers so that they can make the world a bit more beautiful and travelers can transform their sustainable ideal into an act.

The construction in Mexico is running smoothly and the team is busy with all kinds of preparations!
Besides that, the foundation has been laid and more walls are shooting up. The hotel is starting to take shape! The construction workers are working hard and we are starting to see some serious progress.

What do you think? Can you already picture yourself staying in one of the beautiful rooms? Or enjoy a cup of coffee in our garden? We certainly cannot wait

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