Our Story

BeneKids is a non-profit organization that raises funds in order to invest in the expansion program of Hotel Con Corazon who invest time, research and capital in improving education throughout the globe, by means of a hospitality establishment. Through organizing events, receiving donations and attracting sponsors, BeneKids does their utmost best to raise as much money as possible every year. Every initiative to extend these channels are welcome! Annual events hold by BeneKids are:
  • Craft Beer Festival
  • Benefit Dinner
  • Dam tot dam loop
We strongly believe that education is not only a ladder to opportunism, it is also an investment into the future.
BeneKids will continuously build upon its strengths and seek for opportunities in order to improve the education amongst less fortunate children. With the international background of the organization, the key to success for the strategic path is to build upon this network and to implement the knowledge and skills throughout the years. Since the money raised by BeneKids is invested in Hotel Con Corazón, we also receive the money back. The aim within the next 15 years is to start our own program with the money collected back in order to further develop education within developing countries.
Foundation BeneKids is run completely by students for students. The board of the organization consists of four students of Hotelschool The Hague in Amsterdam, who voluntarily and passionately dedicate their free time to this important cause. The board consists of a Chairman/Chairwoman, Treasurer, PR Commissioner and the Director of Gracias BV. Apart from the board, the organization has yearly ambassadors who together with the Board Members organize the events every year and support the promotion of the charity. On the bottom of this page, you can find an overview of pictures of most of the ambassadors of board year 2019-2020. Please meet the team!






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